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Social Life

A Place for Christian Fellowship

The Christian life is enjoyed most when there is a proper balance. Students come to West Coast to receive an education and to be trained in a local church setting with continuous opportunities to serve the Lord.

However, college life is not only about study and ministry. Life-long memories and lasting friendships are made in college. Thus, the schedule is designed to allow time for fun and fellowship. Evening hours find the GA filled with students enjoying fellowship and recreation. The Student Life Center and outdoor volleyball court allow for more serious activity through intramural sports programs.

A student at West Coast has to work pretty hard at being bored! Activities include bowling, roller skating, trips to the mall, restaurant nights, miniature golf, and annual banquets at Christmas and Valentine's Day. These occasions create special memories with friends and faculty.


Throughout both semesters, West Coast Baptist College endeavors to provide a wide variety of activities that will encourage fellowship as well as the developing of new friendships. Some of the activities that have been yearly favorites include roller skating; bowling; minor league baseball games; Valentine’s, Christmas, and Sadie Hawkins Banquets; restaurant nights; as well as a variety of other fun and interesting activities. These activities help students to create some wonderful memories of time in college together.

School Spirit

With the addition of the Walther Center, our students will rally around their teams more than ever. Basketball and Volleyball games have always been exciting events as the college crowd cheers for the players; and now West Coast will combine that school spirit with bigger, better bleachers. It's the perfect place for a date, or simply a time to hang out with fellow classmates.

We encourage our students especially to attend the intercollegiate games, not only for spirit, but also to be a testimony to visiting teams for the cause of Christ. While our students learn the value of having godly friendships with genuine fellowship and fun, they also learn to share that spirit with those who may have never known it.