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Explore the Campus

At West Coast Baptist College, you’ll discover a safe and vibrant campus where you can strengthen your faith, train for your calling, and form life-long friendships.

Explore the Campus

Located in North Los Angeles County and approximately 80 miles from Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), WCBC has been blessed with a beautiful campus of nearly 100 acres. Home to West Coast Baptist College, Lancaster Baptist Church, Striving Together Publications, and Lancaster Baptist School, this oasis in the desert is almost always alive with activity.

Revels Building

Opened in 2007, the Revels Building is the campus’ signature education building. This three-story building is home to twenty-one modern classrooms of various sizes including a state-of-the-art science lab, home economics lab, design studio, piano lab, six private practice rooms, and two computer labs. The main floor hosts a small chapel as well as a welcoming foyer, bookstore, and coffee shop where friends gather and students catch a moment of relaxation or a burst of caffeine between classes.


Nineteen of the building’s classrooms are warmed by natural light, and every classroom is equipped with modern multimedia technology to provide engaging and interactive learning content. In addition to providing WCBC with learning space, these classrooms are used by Lancaster Baptist Church for connection groups and discipleship. Pictured here, Revels 207 is a typical, medium-sized Revels classroom.

Great Awakening Café and Bookstore

Whether you’re looking for some extra energy, a light snack, a textbook, or just some friendly conversation, you can find it in the Great Awakening Café and Bookstore. The G.A., as our students lovingly call it, provides both new and used textbooks, food, and other basic needs such as school supplies, OTC medicines, and stamps. We’re a bit partial to the espresso, but everything this café serves is worth a try. Our only advice is to get there early because this space is always full.

Revels 202 - Piano Lab

The Piano Lab (located in the Revels Building, Room 202) provides students with multiple electric keyboards for personal or ministry needs. Each keyboard is weighted for an authentic touch and gives the students a variety of sounds from which to choose. Additionally, each keyboard features electronic connections for MIDI and audio recording, making this an ideal setting for musical composition and digital music production. Access is restricted, ensuring that the keyboards remain open for those who need them for projects and practice. While primarily a rehearsal space, this room is frequently used for keyboard and applied music courses.

Private Practice Rooms

These six, sound-retardant practice rooms are available to all students with priority given to those enrolled in one of the Music Department’s several programs. Each is equipped with a well-maintained piano and enough space for a small ensemble to gather and practice.

Revels 206 - Computer Lab

Used for business and computer classes in the morning, Revels 206 provides our students ready access to the Microsoft Office suite, printers, and filtered internet. This lab is nearly always open for use by all students. While it is convenient to have a laptop, this lab and other computing resources ensure that all students have the technological resources they might need in order to succeed in their academic studies.

Revels 308 - Video Studio

The Video Studio is an easily reconfigurable learning environment divided into set and editing regions. The editing space features two high-performance editing bays, each powered by a 3rd-gen Mac Pro and 32″ wide-gamut 4K monitors for accurate color grading. Also featured in the space is a flexible stage area with Aputure Nova RGB lights and Canon cinema equipment for students to utilize in both production and broadcast video.

Revels 304 - Design Studio

The Design Studio (located in the Revels Building, Room 304) provides a digital learning environment that allows students to gain experience by working with industry-standard equipment and applications. Some of the room’s amenities include thirty student workstations with iMac computers, six of which are also equipped with Wacom graphic tablets for digital illustration and design, and two of which are ADA-accessible; an eighty-inch television for demonstration and critique; a gigabit-class network with a server and network file storage array; and a print center with large-format and wide-gamut printers. The Design Studio is open most afternoons for student use and coaching by department faculty.

Revels 307 - Science Lab

Our science students are delighted to learn in an expansive and well-equipped science lab with a sweeping view of the Antelope Valley to the south and west. Designed to serve over thirty students at a time, the Science Lab provides seventeen individual work stations with faucet/sink combinations, plus dual natural gas, water, and vacuum hookups. The experiment demonstration hood with exhaust fan, safety glass, and hookups for gas, water, and air provides opportunity for contained and safe experimentation. In addition, the dry and household chemical storage area is generally stocked with over eighty substances to be used in experimentation. Standard safety features such as an eye wash station, acid/base storage cabinet, and flammable substance storage cabinet help to protect the health and safety of all participants.

Revels 306 - Home Economics Lab

The Home Economics Lab on the third floor of the Revels Building allows students to gain experience in the culinary arts by working in any of the eight workstations which are each equipped with modern equipment such as state-of-the-art ovens, Kitchen Aid stand mixers, food processors, blenders, hand mixers, and other essential supplies. As an added benefit, students who are enrolled in certain classes are able to use this lab for food preparation outside of class hours.

Walther Center

Just next to the southwest entrance, the Walther Center (WAC) provides a unique and beautiful hub for relaxation and friendship as well as quiet and focused study. Named after the late Leo Walther, a long-time member of Lancaster Baptist Church and a friend to all, the WAC is home to the West Coast Baptist College Eagles, The Point Restaurant, The Hangar and the WCBC Library. In addition, this multi-purpose building serves the Iglesia Bautista de Lancaster, the Spanish ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church.

WCBC Library

The 6,584 square foot library is located on the Walther Center second floor. Home to over 60,000 titles over a wide range of topics as well as a computer lab, comfortable and plenteous seating and study areas, two collaboration rooms, and a helpful and credentialed library staff, the WCBC Library provides an excellent location for research and study for students, staff, and faculty. In addition to the traditional resources, the WCBC Library provides all WCBC students with access to many tens of thousands of scholarly digital resources.

The Point Restaurant

This on-campus, full-service restaurant welcomes all campus guests into the delicious and warm hospitality of the Chappell family’s Colorado ranch. Whether you’re looking for a quick burger, craving some homemade macaroni and cheese and slow-roasted tri tip, or hankering for some farm-grown pinto beans and cornbread, The Point is sure to satisfy.

The Hangar

Just next to the Walther Center Gymnasium and large enough to serve as a regulation basketball court, The Hangar is the college’s main student commons space. With a concession that serves pizza, hotdogs, pretzels, and popcorn for those mid-afternoon (or mid-game) cravings, plenty of comfortable seating, and a variety of opportunities for light competition like ping-pong, air hockey, and board games, The Hangar is the student’s go-to center for dating, relaxation, and great memories.

Walther Center Gymnasium

Home to WCBC’s intercollegiate men’s basketball and ladies’ volleyball teams, the Walther Center Gymnasium is the second and newest indoor gymnasium on the campus. In addition, the gymnasium houses a platform and baptistery and is the hub of the growing Spanish ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church. The drama clubs of West Coast Baptist College and Lancaster Baptist School also present God-honoring performances here several times each year.

Worship Center

There is no classroom more central to the WCBC experience than the main auditorium of Lancaster Baptist Church. Completed in 1999, the Worship Center, like the rest of the campus, has the singular focus of bringing glory to Jesus Christ through the preaching, teaching, and living out of the Word of God.

Main Auditorium

This 3,000-seat auditorium is the main gathering place for the Lancaster Baptist Church and is currently used to host two Sunday morning services, a Sunday evening service, daily WCBC chapel services, and numerous events throughout the week. By God’s grace and power, many thousands of souls living in the Antelope Valley have heard the Gospel for the very first time and have given their lives to Christ in this auditorium, and many have surrendered to God’s call to ministry or conviction of sin in the chairs and altars in this local-church auditorium.

West Wing

The Worship Center was expanded in 2012 through the construction of a new wing on the west side. The West Wing provides nurseries, a recording studio, a foyer, and eight additional classrooms that are used by Lancaster Baptist Church and West Coast Baptist College for a variety of purposes nearly every day of the week.

Administration Building

The three-story Administration Building was completed in 2004. The first floor houses the main campus lobby and a 200-seat choir practice room used for both the church and college choirs as well as a WCBC classroom throughout the week. The ministry’s media team is also based on the first floor. The second and third floor is office space for the pastoral and support staff of Lancaster Baptist Church.

Housing Facilities

WCBC has a variety of dormitories on the campus where the vast majority of the students live. The three newest permanent dormitories – Lawrence, Martin, and Sisk Halls – have identical designs while the remaining residences each have a unique layout. All dormitories have shared kitchenettes on each floor, in-residence laundry facilities, common lobby space, and vending machines. Access to on-campus residence halls is governed through a centralized scan card system, and every floor of the dorms is led by a staff-designated dormitory supervisor.

Lawrence Hall

Across the street from Martin Hall and directly opposite the Walther Center, Lawrence Hall is a two-story men’s dormitory that houses approximately 150 students each semester. Named after a pastor and friend to WCBC, Mark Lawrence, this is the only men’s dormitory to offer a second-story balcony. Like all of the newest dorms, Lawrence provides a separate heating/cooling system for every room.

Lori Thomasson Hall

Lori Thomasson was a godly and passionate member of our ministry staff who went to be with the Lord in 1999. This ladies’ dorm, named in her honor, provides a private bathroom for every dorm room as well as one of the most spacious lobby areas to be found in any residence hall.

Malone Hall

Malone Hall was the first two-story dormitory built on the campus of West Coast Baptist College. Like many of the other dormitories, it has a comfortable lobby area with couches and reclining chairs, soft drink machines, and a kitchenette facility just behind the lobby area. Located right behind the Revels Building and next to the Welcome Center, this dorm offers its residents what is arguably the most convenient and centralized location on campus..

Martin Hall

On the southwest corner of the dormitory courtyard, you will find Martin Hall, named after the extraordinary missionary to the Philippines, Dr. Rick Martin. This dorm typically houses 150 women and offers a private bathroom for each room, a lovely second-floor shared balcony, room-specific heating and cooling, and easy access to the Walther Center.

Sisk Hall

Named after the great missionary, Dr. Don Sisk, Sisk Hall provides ladies with a modern dormitory living quarters just off the main dormitory courtyard. In addition to the standard amenities, Sisk Hall is one of just three dorms which offers its residents a shared, second-floor balcony as well as private bathrooms for each room. Every room also has an independent heating/cooling system.

Sisk Hall

Student Life Center

The Student Life Center is a multipurpose building that serves as a cafeteria for serving meals and a gymnasium for our growing sports program. There are also various classrooms where college classes are taught on a weekly basis.

Dining Hall

The Dining Hall opened in 2004 and services both Lancaster Baptist School and West Coast Baptist College. WCBC’s head chef was hired out of the cruise industry, and he works diligently under the leadership of our Director of Food Service to provide our campus community with a nutritious, delicious, and varied food selection. All on-campus students have access to the Dining Hall which provides a hot meal service, an unlimited salad bar, and an unlimited soup and sides bar. The Dining Hall operates 363 days a year and closes only on Thanksgiving and Christmas when all students are hosted in faculty, staff, and church family homes.

SLC Gymnasium

The SLC Gymnasium was home to the WCBC Eagles until the Walther Center opened in 2015. Now the SLC Gymnasium is Lancaster Baptist School’s primary gymnasium. However, it is often open for pickup games and collegian events and activities.

Welcome Center

The Welcome Center houses WCBC’s admissions and student success teams and serves as the primary hosting hub for college guests. Located between the Revels Building and Lori Thomasson Hall, the Welcome Center is central to campus and easily accessible. Be sure to stop by and say hello!

Miscellaneous Recreational Areas

The campus of West Coast Baptist college offers many opportunities for fun and fellowship. Our baseball and football fields, sand volleyball courts, frisbee golf course, and putt putt golf course are the perfect place to spend time with friends.

Workout/Exercise Center

The campus houses one workout/exercise room. The room houses traditional exercise equipment such as treadmills, ellipticals, various resistance machines, and free weights to enable both cardiovascular and strength development.

Multi-Purpose Ball Field

On the east side of campus, the lighted Ball Field provides space large enough to be used for soccer, flag-football, or most other similar activities. Two baseball fields overlap the field to allow the space to be enjoyed across all seasons. Whether you enjoy watching the division-leading Lancaster Baptist School play Friday-night football or you prefer to participate in collegian competition or you want to play some pickup games, the Ball Field is a great space where you’ll make many memories.

Sand Volleyball Courts

Near the center of the campus, two sand volleyball courts provide any-time exercise and fun for the student body. As the desert summer heat fades to a crisp fall and springs thaw the winter chill, these courts are often full of students from all collegians, dorms, academic programs, and backgrounds who are enjoying friendly competitions and spending time with each other.

Outdoor Basketball Courts

In addition to the Walther Center Gymnasium and the SLC Gymnasium, the campus has two outdoor basketball courts with at least one open to students at most any time. Grab some friends (maybe even from your dorm or collegian) and enjoy some time on the court

Hole-y Land Miniature Golf Course

Just to the south of the sand volley courts is a nine-hole miniature golf course that has brought many a laugh since its installation. If you’re a master of the greens, we’ll be delighted to watch you prove it, (and we’re pretty confident that your friends will be, too).