Financial Aid

West Coast Baptist College offers its students a variety of financial aid resources including ongoing financial and employment counseling, a student employment program, several institutional scholarships, and direct support from the Student Assistance Fund.


Financial and Employment Counseling

The Office of Financial Aid provides students with a list of employers known to be hiring as well as personal coaching, orientations, and workshops on how to find a job, how to succeed in an interview, and how to build an effective resume. To receive these resources, students should contact the Office of Financial Aid at 888.694.9222 or visit the office which is located in the second floor of the North Auditorium.

Jeff Chessani

Assistant Director for Financial Aid
888.694.9222 3326

Student Work Study Program

The Work Study Program is available to full-time, dormitory students. Participants are paid employees of the college. The participant’s net pay is applied directly to his or her account as earned. Each job is to be viewed as service to the Lord. A work study employee’s work performance must be satisfactory to continue in this program. To apply for a position, students must submit the application available at

Work Study Application

Student Assistance Fund

The Student Assistance Fund is a general student aid program funded by donors. Awards are issued by college staff under the direction of Ben Hobbs. To request support, students should download, print, and complete the Application for Student Assistance available on the student portal and submit the completed form to the Office of Financial Aid.

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Institutional Scholarships

West Coast Baptist College provides a number of institutional scholarships.

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Married Student’s Program

Spouses of full-time students will receive three credit hours free per semester; however, all fees will apply. If one spouse is receiving a college scholarship, then the other spouse must pay full tuition. Married, head-of-household, undergraduate, full-time students may enroll their children in Lancaster Baptist School at a discounted rate.