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Basic Costs

Average Semester Cost Total

On campus


Off campus



*Prices are per semester.


$400 per credit hour over 18

Full-time Students

12-18 credit hours


$75 to Audit (per credit hour)

Part-time Students

(per credit hour under 12)


(per credit hour)

Interim Courses

winter and summer interims

Room and Board

Our modern dorms and facilities are well kept and provide comfortable living conditions.


per semester

Regular Semester Fees


per semester
  • Computer and Technology (general use) $105.00
  • Registration / Matriculation $100.00
  • Student Activity $90.00
  • Yearbook (average per semester) $40.00

Optional/One-Time Fees


  • Application $60.00
  • Automobile Registration $30.00
  • Bicycle Registration $5.00
  • Graduation (second semester seniors) $175.00
  • Post Office Box Rental (refundable) $5.00
  • Lab (per course) Varies

When comparing, check the fees

When you are considering the costs of Bible colleges, be sure to ask about fees. Nearly every college has them, and some institutions make up for lower tuition, room, and board costs by charging more frequent and higher fees. Be sure to know what your total cost will be.

Is Education a Commodity?

When choosing a Bible college, cost is obviously a factor you should carefully consider, but is it the only factor and should it be the primary factor? If you are in a supermarket purchasing items like flour, sugar, rice, or beans, it is wise to choose the least expensive option because there is little or no difference between any of the choices before you. Those are commodities. Bible college—the institution that will help establish your Bible foundation and impact your future—is not a commodity.

At West Coast Baptist College, we work hard to offer a high quality Bible education at an affordable price. That education is provided by full-time instructors who are trained to effectively impart their passion and expertise to you in an engaging and meaningful way. All of that instruction happens alongside of and under the authority of a thriving local church ministry where you will gain valuable ministry experience. We believe that and many other factors will make an exceptional difference in your college years.

On campus

$1,390 x5

$6,950 per semester

Off campus

$910 x5

$4,550 per semester

Spring 2020 Payment Schedule

*approximate installment amounts
  1. Due at registration (January 29)
  2. February 19
  3. March 11
  4. April 1
  5. April 22
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