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WCBC Collegians

What is a Collegian?

A Collegian is an outlet for the student body here at West Coast to develop lifetime friendships while exercising their skills and gifts. This is done through a unifying setting of service, activities, and competition which will produce a teamwork culture among the students and servant leaders for the cause of Christ.


Collegians is a structured entity for students to join together as a group to create bonds and enhance their college experience. This is done through the formation of small communities that are led by students. These communities bond through different outlets such as intramural sports, service opportunities, and activities to earn points and compete in a semester-long competition.

During opening week, a student will be able to pick a collegian of their choice that they desire to be in, and may be placed in it if space allows. Over each semester, the collegians will meet multiple times to encourage camaraderie and growing friendships. These meetings will inform members of upcoming activities and the sports competition for the week, and offer opportunities for students to build relationships with students they wouldn't normally interact with.


Intracollegiate Sports

The intramural athletics program is an outlet for both men’s and women’s collegians to get involved, with major and minor sports competition that are both offered in fall and spring semesters. These opportunities consist of flag football for the men, with basketball, softball, soccer, dodgeball, chess, ping pong, foosball, and other opportunities for both men and women. It is our desire that all students are encouraged to participate as much as their schedules and health will allow, regardless of skillset.

Service Opportunities

The Collegian service opportunities at West Coast Baptist College offer both men’s and women’s collegians the ability to be involved in their local community. These service opportunities consist of picking up trash in the city, volunteering at a homeless shelter, servicing widows in the church, homework projects for church members, cutting lawns, washing cars and many other opportunities. It is our desire that all students are encouraged to participate as much as their schedules will allow, and to show the love of Christ to the people of the Antelope Valley.


The Collegian activities is a time of bonding for each collegian and involves both men and women with the opportunity for intracollegiate growth. Students will participate in activities such as hiking, paintball, horseback riding, and other staged outings into the Antelope Valley. These activities are all planned and coordinated by the officers of each collegian. It is our desire that all students are encouraged to participate as much as their schedules will allow so they can build camaraderie and friendships for years to come.

Men's Collegians

Women's Collegians