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Basic Costs: In-person Instruction

You don't have to take on debt to earn an accredited, respected, meaningful degree.

WCBC is Your Path to a Debt-Free Degree

You may have heard that all WCBC alumni graduate with no government student loan debt. We're happy to confirm that you heard correctly. Since our founding in 1995, WCBC has been committed to helping our students graduate on-time and debt-free so that they can leave here and go change the world with the Gospel.

At WCBC, you will receive quality, accredited, scripture-focused training so that you can fulfill your purpose. Even better, you can do this all while enjoying the beautiful high desert of sunny Southern California.

While WCBC does not participate in government loan programs, we take an innovative, whole-of-operations approach to minimizing student cost and maximizing financial aid, scholarships, employment support, funding, and even an interest-free install plan.

92% of WCBC students say that the financial cost of their education is a good investment.*

Cost per Semester

On-campus Cost per Semester

*Estimated cost does not include books, laundry, or incidentals

Off-campus Cost per Semester

*Estimated cost does not include books or incidentals

Always Check the Fees

Because every student's college journey is unique, the exact amount of fees a specific situation incurs varies person to person and semester to semester. This is very common among most colleges. However, some schools promote a low cost for room and board and bury a number of surprise costs in their fee structure. Don't let a school surprise you with fees. Always ask for a detailed listing of possible fees. You can find ours below.

2023-2024 Bachelor's Degree Cost Breakdown

Detailed Costs Per Semester


Full-Time Students
Tuition (12-18 credit hours) $5,200.00
Tuition (per credit hour over 18) $425.00
Part-Time Students
Tuition (per credit hour under 12) $430.00
Audit (per credit hour) $75.00

Room and Board

Our modern dorms and facilities are well kept and provide comfortable living conditions.

Room and Board per semester $2,600.00
Off-Semester Weekly Room and Board $160.00


Regular Fees
Computer and Technology (general use) $105.00
Registration and Matriculation Fee $100.00
Student Activity Fee $90.00
Yearbook Fee (average per semester) $40.00
Optional/One-Time Fees
Application $60.00
Automobile Registration $30.00
Bicycle Registration $5.00
Graduation (second semester seniors) $175.00
Late Registration Fee $100.00
Miscellaneous/Lab (per course) varies per course
New Student ID Fee $10.00
Post Office Box Rental (refundable) $5.00
Special Dietary Meals Fee $375.00

Average Total

On-campus Residence $8,135.00
Off-campus Residence $5,535.00

"God's work done God's way will never lack God's supplies."—Hudson Taylor

*2022 Student Experience Inventory

payment schedule

Interest-free Installment Plan

WCBC's commitment to helping students graduate on-time and on-budget is reflected in many ways including the option to divide your semester payments across five interest-free installments. This five-installment plan enables students and their families to pay the tuition, fees, and room and board in smaller, more affordable payments rather than in a lump sum. To begin a semester, students are required to pay only 20% of their semester costs with the remaining 80% of their bill being divided among four additional payments. Many of our students work a job while enrolled to be able to pay their expenses as they go. With a statewide minimum wage of $15.50/hr effective January 1, 2023, working even a small number of hours can be a great financial help. Whether you can pay the full cost up front or you - like the majority of our students - take advantage of this interest-free plan, you really can earn an accredited, meaningful degree without carrying any student loan debt.

On campus

$1,627 x5

$8,135 per semester

Off campus

$1,107 x5

$5,535 per semester
*approximate installment amounts

Fall 2023 Payment Schedule

  1. Due at Registration
  2. September 20
  3. October 11
  4. November 1
  5. November 22
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