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Students choosing the Mathematics proficiency may use it as a major or minor teaching field within the Secondary Education concentration. Students will study beginner and intermediate algebra, plane geometry, trigonometry, and calculus (differentiation & basic techniques/uses of integration) with the goal of becoming proficient in each of these areas.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
MA 101 3

Algebra 1

This course introduces key concepts and theories that provide a foundation for further studies in mathematics (Geometry, Algebra 2, and beyond). Students will be challenged to increase their mathematic literacy in the topics of signed numbers, linear equations, word problems, exponents, polynomials, factoring, and rational equations. The problem solving and critical thinking skills that are learned in Algebra 1 can be taken to and applied in other academic disciplines.

MA 102 3

Algebra 2

MA 102 is Intermediate Algebra. Intermediate Algebra is designed to broaden and expand the concepts of Elementary Algebra. This course covers all the essential topics needed to be successful in Geometry, Trigonometry and Calculus. Students will be challenged to increase their mathematic literacy in the topics of radical expressions and equations, quadratic equations, systems of linear equations and inequalities, compound and absolute value inequalities, and exponential and logarithmic functions. There is an emphasis placed on understanding graphs and word problems appropriate to all these topics. Prerequisite: MA 101

MA 201 3


Geometry is the third course of the WCBC mathematics series. It is a fall semester course, followed by trigonometry in the spring semester. A background of two semesters of algebra is highly recommended. Concepts related to logical and methodical thinking skills will be addressed as applied to 1-, 2-, and 3-dimensional space, primarily including relationships of lines, planes, polygons, and loci. Students will seek and summarize Scriptures dealing with logical thought in Romans. Prerequisite: None

MA 210 3


This course focuses on giving the student a teaching understanding of trigonometry in preparation for teaching the same in a Christian high school setting. A review of algebraic and geometric concepts comprises the initial course portion, followed by trigonometric function definitions, related angle usage, identity derivations, inverse functions, trigonometric equation solution, special triangle solutions, and polar coordinate usage. Finally, a chapter focused on vector component resolution prepares students for Physics 1. Prerequisite: None

MA 301 3

Calculus 1

Calculus 1 is the fifth course of the WCBC mathematics series for secondary education majors. Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, and Trigonometry are required prerequisites. Limits, differentiation techniques, applications of derivatives, related rates, extreme values, concavity, optimization, and basic theory and techniques of integration comprise the core concepts studied. A portion of most lectures will also draw attention to spiritual and practical applications of the concepts presented.

MA 302 3

Calculus 2

MA 302 (Calculus 2) requires MA 301 and is an advanced continuation of the same. Core concepts include extreme values, concavity, and optimization of functions. The basic theory and techniques of integration, integration techniques, indeterminate forms, and improper integrals will also be studied. A portion of the lecture time will highlight practical applications of the concepts presented. Prerequisite: MA 301 with a grade of a “C-” or higher

MA 401 3

Teaching Elementary Math (1:20-2:20 PM)

A systematic approach to teaching math in the Christian elementary school will be implemented in this course. Students will learn how to prepare operative lesson plans, present effective math lessons, successfully communicate math concepts, and incorporate Biblical principles into their daily lessons.

MA 402 2

Teaching Secondary Math

This is the eighth course in the WCBC mathematics series for secondary education majors having a primary mathematics concentration. Students will demonstrate an aptitude for teaching in lesson presentations and lesson plan creations from three different courses in secondary mathematics. Assignments include problem sets from algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. With the emphasis on education skills, there is a focus toward child age and development of abstract thought. Additionally, latter lectures center on US mathematics class methodology contrasted with other countries. Prerequisite: EN 102; 64 credits earned

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