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Outsiders Tour

May 13-23, 2024

Touring sites significant to church history and Bible translation with Dr. Paul Chappell

Outsiders Tour

The history of Christianity is rich in sacrifice. Our spiritual heritage is replete with men and women who followed Christ, hungered to know Him, and gave their lives—through service and martyrdom—to make Him known. 

In the book Outsiders, I told the stories of some of these heroes of the faith, including Bible translators John Wycliffe and William Tyndale; non-conformist preachers Hugh Latimer, Nicolas Ridley, and John Bunyan; hymn writers John Newton and William Cowper; missionaries William Carey and David Livingstone; and many others. 

In May of 2024, my wife Terrie and I will, for the first time, be hosting the “Outsiders Tour” through England to visit the places where these and other men and women whose faith and courage has changed history lived and served the Lord. 

On this ten-day tour through Great Britain, we will visit the sites where our spiritual forebearers loved and served God, and we’ll learn the historic context in which they stood for Christ. We’ll see the locations and learn the history of our King James Bible, the martyrs for the gospel during the Reformation, and the many influences on our own faith.

I want to invite you to be a part of this amazing trip. My prayer is that you will come away enriched with a deeper understanding of the heritage of our faith and renewed in your own commitment and dedication to Christ.

—Paul Chappell

Destinations include some of the following highlights:

  • Bunhill Fields
  • John Wesley's Chapel
  • Smithfield Martyr’s Memorial 
  • St. Paul’s Cathedral
  • Tower of London
  • Museum of the Book
  • Westminster Abbey
  • Churchill War Rooms
  • The Metropolitan Tabernacle 
  • The British Museum 
  • Hampton Court Palace
  • John Newton’s Church 
  • William Cowper’s Home
  • Regent’s Park College, Oxford
  • Windsor Castle

For a complete tour brochure or to register, please visit templetontours.com/chappell.


Tour Hosts

Dr. Paul Chappell

Dr. Paul Chappell

Founder and President

Scott Wendal

Pastor of Valley Forge Baptist Temple | Collegeville, PA

Tour Information


$6,495 per person and includes:

  • Airfare
  • Lodging
  • Bus Transportation
  • Breakfast and Dinner
  • Entrance Fees
  • Guided Tours



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Days 1-2: Depart USA, Arrive in London

Monday, May 13 to Tuesday, May 14

Our Outsiders adventure begins with an evening flight to London. Upon arrival in London on Tuesday, we will transfer to our hotel for a welcome dinner and orientation followed by a night of rest.

Day 3: London

Wednesday, May 15

On Wednesday, we will begin our first full day of sightseeing. Highlights will include a visit to Bunhill Fields, the burial grounds of non-conformists. These true “outsiders” took courageous stands for Christ. Graves include John Bunyan, Susanna Wesley, John Rippon, Isaac Watts, and others. Across the street, we’ll have the opportunity to tour John Wesley’s home and chapel. 

Later on Wednesday, we’ll visit the Smithfield Martyrs’ Memorial which commemorates the price many paid for Christ. John Rodgers, editor of the Matthews Bible and the first English protestant to die under Bloody Queen Mary’s reign, was among those who were burned at the stake here. From Smithfield, we’ll visit St. Paul’s Cathedral—a landmark of London and the place where Bible translator John Wycliffe stood for trial.

Day 4: London

Thursday, May 16

On Thursday, we’ll visit the famous Tower of London and the church next to it, All Hallows by the Tower. As we tour the Tower, we’ll learn about the courageous stand people like Anne Askew took for Christ as they endured torture and martyrdom without denying their faith. 

From the Tower, we’ll visit the Museum of the Book, which includes a wealth of Bible artifacts and early manuscripts and prints of European Bible translations, including original Wycliffe manuscripts and collections with Tyndale’s work as well as a first edition 1611 King James Bible.

Day 5: London

Friday, May 17

Friday we begin another full day of touring London as we drive by Buckingham Palace and then visit Westminster Abbey for a guided tour. Of special significance here is the grave of David Livingstone, as well as various English royalty who had important roles in either persecuting non-conformists or contributing to the translation of the English Bible. 

On Friday we will visit the secret underground war rooms that Winston Churchill used during World War II to ensure the uninterrupted carrying out of the allied mission. 

Additionally, we will drive by the Lambeth Palace and see the adjoining tower, known as “Lollards Tower,” because of the many Lollards (preachers trained by John Wycliffe) who were imprisoned and martyred here.

We’ll end the day with an opportunity to go shopping at the famous Harrods of London—a huge department store covering five acres in central London.

Day 6: London

Saturday, May 18

Saturday will be Spurgeon-themed day. We’ll visit the Metropolitan Tabernacle where Spurgeon pastored as well as the West Norwood Cemetery where Charles and Susanna Spurgeon are buried. We will also see where Spurgeon trained nearly 900 pastors as preachers and soulwinners.

Day 7: London and Hampton Court

Sunday, May 19

Sunday will include a visit to the world-renowned British Museum. Here you will see amazing artifacts, dating back as far as Abraham’s time, that testify to biblical history and the preservation of God’s Word. 

Also on Sunday, we will visit Hampton Court Palace where King James I held a conference with non-conformists that ultimately led to the translation of the King James Version of the Bible.

Day 8: Olney and Oxford

Monday, May 20

On Monday, we depart London and drive to the quaint English town of Olney. Here we visit the church where John Newton pastored, tour the home and garden of abolitionist and hymn writer William Cowper, and visit the Sutcliff Baptist Church where missionary William Carey preached his first sermon.

Day 9: Oxford

Tuesday, May 21

Tuesday will be a rich day spent at Oxford, England. We’ll visit the Angus library at the Regent’s Park College that holds collections of letters and items belonging to William Carey and Charles Spurgeon. 

In Oxford, we’ll also visit Christ Church College where William Whittingham, who published the Geneva Bible, studied. 

A highlight of the entire trip will be a visit to the Martyrs’ Memorial in Oxford located at the very spot were Latimer, Ridley, and Cranmer were burned at the stake.

Day 10: Oxford and Windsor

Wednesday, May 22

Our final full day of touring will include a visit to the English town of Windsor. We’ll see Windsor Castle and the attached St. George’s Chapel. This chapel is not only where Queen Elizabeth II is buried and the location of many royal weddings, but it is also where William Latimer served for a time as chaplain.

From Windsor, we’ll return to London for an evening dinner and time to share reflections from our trip.

Day 11: Depart London Heathrow

Thursday, May 23

On Thursday morning, we’ll transfer to the airport for the return flight home, inspired by the up-close encounters with men and women who took courageous stands for Christ and His Word.