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One Year Bible

Regardless of what career God has for your future, it’s important to understand the Bible and be able to share and defend your faith. These classes are the heart of our Bible department and will equip the student with the tools that are needed to adequately know what the Bible teaches. Each of these classes also transfer into any four-year degree program at West Coast Baptist College should God lead the student to further his or her training. Below is a prescribed sequence of course study for this certificate.

One Year Bible Certificate

Several members of the Bible faculty and Admission teams recently held a webinar to discuss the One Year Bible Certificate. Click here to watch the recording and learn more about the goals, content, and value this unique program offers.

The Benefits

  • Learn how to defend your faith.
  • Make life-long friends.
  • Attend daily chapel and Lancaster Baptist Church services and events.
  • Choose nine credits of classes that interest you such as graphic design, photography, English, history, or many others that may be transferable if you don’t complete all four years at WCBC.

Jeff Cannon

Med Student at WV School of Medicine

In my high school years I knew God wanted me to be a doctor but I wanted to invest a year away from science training and put that into Bible training. That became super vital for the foundation of the rest of my life.

Bethany Claylinde

The One Year Bible Program is valuable to me now that I work a secular job. I am able to rely on what I learned to help me stand up for my faith.

Key Faculty

Dr. John Goetsch

Executive Vice President

Dr. Mike Lester

Chief Academic Officer

Dr. Paul Chappell

Founder and President

Rick Houk

Chairman of Bible Department