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Jesus Changes Everything

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to every one that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek.—Romans 1:16

At West Coast, we understand that it is the gospel itself that is the power of God to save and redeem a world that is lost. That’s why our students, alumni, and team work together all around the globe to preach Christ. God has given you a unique purpose that will make a difference when accomplished. Our purpose is to help you train to fulfill your calling.

That's why we train Christians to change the world.

For over twenty-five years, WCBC has remained focused on a single purpose: training laborers for the harvest.

Maturing Scripturally

The WCBC community is defined by a hunger to learn and to live the teachings of Scripture. As a conservative institution with great respect for our Baptist heritage and tradition, we find our ultimate authority in Scripture alone. As a community of believers, we each continuously strive to grow in our own understanding of the Word of God. Your journey as a follower of Christ doesn’t end at graduation, and we are committed to focusing our time together on equipping you to continue growing in your faith long after you have left WCBC.


100% of WCBC students agree that their instructors exemplify a deep faith commitment*

Daniel Molina

Class of 2022 | Tucson, AZ

I chose to attend West Coast because I saw that Lancaster Baptist Church was reaching people with the gospel. In fact, my brother’s pastor in Mexico grew up in Lancaster, was reached by LBC, and eventually graduated from WCBC. While here, I’ve learned in class how to win and disciple souls, but I have also been able to watch LBC live this out day-to-day and week-to-week. Since I’m actively involved in the Spanish ministry, I’ve been able to practice what I’ve been learning and seeing, and although I’m only a junior, I can’t wait to graduate and do what God has called me to do.

Witnessing Personally

Christians who change the world understand that God’s command to make disciples is exclusively personal. Learning how to lead others to Jesus and then passionately engage in evangelization and discipleship is not someone else’s responsibility: it’s mine. Whether you’ve been sharing the gospel since you were a child or the very idea of talking to someone about Christ makes you sweat, WCBC will equip you to personally and effectively bring others to Christ.


97% of WCBC students feel that they are developing a deeper spiritual life and faith commitment*

Ingrid Cahue

Class of 2022 | Bakersfield, CA

While I’ve always had a burden to tell others about Christ, being surrounded by WCBC staff and students has really encouraged and challenged me in this area. Beyond being influenced by their commitment to prioritizing evangelization, I’ve been able to participate in unique outreaches, like witnessing in Jewish communities, that have allowed me to see lives changed—mine included. I know that the Great Commission really is my responsibility, and I now love to share the gospel whenever I get the opportunity.

Worshipping Locally

WCBC students understand that the local church is the center of New Testament ministry—including their own Bible college training. Ministry is not exclusively academic, and ministry training shouldn’t be either. WCBC is inextricably intertwined with Lancaster Baptist Church, a thriving, unaffiliated Baptist church in northern Los Angeles County with which WCBC shares staff, church services, and even its campus. This deep relationship follows the biblical model of local church ministry while providing open access to godly, experienced staff, so that when you leave, you’ll have practical experience in addition to your classroom knowledge.


99% of WCBC students agree that their program provides an integration of theory, theology, and application*

Striving Excellently

We believe that serving a holy God demands excellence and that the God of the Bible cares deeply about details. From our accreditation to our credentialed faculty and beyond, WCBC is committed to pursuing excellence and to training our students to do the same. This constant effort helps to ensure that when you graduate, you will not only be spiritually prepared and practically experienced, but you will be equipped to excel in your field.


98% of WCBC students agree that their instructors demonstrate expert knowledge and depth of insight*

What Pastors Say

Tim Butler

Pastor of People's Baptist Church | Greenville, SC

The heart of WCBC is contagious! It stands in the right position but with the right disposition. The doctrine is right, the music is uplifting, the soulwinning fervor is continual, but the heart is unsurpassed.

Kevin Folger

Pastor Emeritus of Cleveland Baptist Church | Cleveland, OH

Cleveland Baptist Church has had the joy of having students from our ministry attend WCBC. They have come home with a heart to serve and have grown academically and spiritually as a result of their training.

Scott Wendal

Pastor of Valley Forge Baptist Temple | Collegeville, PA

My son’s and daughter’s experiences at WCBC deepened their spiritual roots and their love for God. I am thrilled with the godly impact of the relationships made both with students and faculty.

Mentoring Relationally

Personal relationships are at the core of biblical discipleship. That’s why we prioritize people. We don’t just teach you how to go soulwinning: we go soulwinning and take you with us. We don’t just tell you to serve: we serve right next to you. When our team eats in the dining hall, we don’t have our own area—we want to eat with you. The more you interact with WCBC, the more you will find that everything we do­—from admissions, to financial counseling, to ministry placement your senior year and beyond—is focused squarely on helping you personally to find and fulfill your calling.

Sarah Green

Class of 2021 | Cleveland, OH

As a freshman, I had no direction for my life. I was confused and unsure what God had for me. Several students encouraged me to talk to Dr. Goetsch. Although that intimidated me, I did, and I’m so glad. I discovered that he was happy to take time to help me and that he truly wanted what was best for me. Ever since then, Dr. Goetsch has continued to stay in touch with and to invest in me personally. He always has time to help me whenever I need it. I can’t express how big of an impact this has had on my college experience.

Serving Selflessly

We understand that life isn’t about us and neither is your college experience. Both are about magnifying our Creator Who loved the world so much that He took on the form of a servant. As a local-church Bible college, we train Christians that serving others is a critical component to changing the world for Christ. You deserve to be trained by a team that are experienced in their fields yet humble in their demeanors. At WCBC, you will be taught to lead through serving—wherever God may take you.


98% of WCBC students agree that the internship/field study programs provide valuable learning and growth experiences*

Nick Felts

Leading by Serving

In high school, I thought that leadership meant it was all about me. However, at WCBC, I learned that leadership is about serving Jesus by serving others. At first, I saw this in the way the staff influenced the students. No matter how busy they were, they were always serving us students, and this caused me to trust them more. My first leadership opportunity on campus was not to preach a service, but to move chairs. I learned so much through this. Since then, God has given me the opportunity to coordinate Jewish outreach, lead in the dorms, serve on bus routes, etc., and every role He’s given me has helped me to better understand that leadership means service. I’m excited to graduate soon and to serve my Saviour by serving people.

Excelling Academically

Impactful Christians know that all truth is God’s truth. College is not a destination: it’s preparation to fulfill your purpose and to impact the world. When God created us in His image, He gave us the ability to think, to assess, and to create, and He expects us to develop and deploy these skills for His glory. The WCBC faculty is composed of thinkers who bring both personal experience and strong academic training to the classroom, so that you’ll be able to not only pass classes but to continue learning for a lifetime.


Current faculty to student ratio


96% of WCBC students agree that they are learning valuable principles that apply to their chosen field*

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Student Life


96% of WCBC students say that there is a welcoming sense of community on campus*


96% of WCBC students say their education has deepened their appreciation for diverse perspectives*

*2020 Student Experience Inventory