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Student Advocacy

West Coast Baptist College has always been more concerned with producing successful graduates than with growing the size of the student body. We're grateful for every semester God allows us to invest in our students, but we look forward to the day they graduate and pursue God's calling for the rest of their lives. Our entire administrative structure is designed with the success of our students at its heart. Even so, college can be a demanding and confusing time. The Student Advocacy Office provides a one-stop-shop for helping our students to get any and all their questions answered.

Students, whether you are trying to understand Financial Aid opportunities, dealing with personal or roommate conflicts, adjusting to WCBC as a new student, or just trying to get through the overwhelm, our student success advocates are here for you. Sometimes, they provide advice or clarity on who is best qualified to address a student's needs. Other times, they just listen. To contact an advocate, students should dial extension 6000 from any campus phone, dial 888.694.9222 ext. 6000, or stop by the Welcome Center.

Michael Koppold

Michael Koppold

Student Success Advocate
888.694.9222 ext. 6000


  • Memorization and Study Workshop | Not everyone has a photographic memory. We understand, but we've learned some study tricks that we think you'll appreciate.
    Come discover some practical tools to help you remember more for your midterms.

    Date: Tuesday, March. 5th
    Time: 2:30 – 4:30 pm
    Place: Revels 209
    Instructors: Matt Leckron and Michael Koppold
    Bring: Study Material

  • Financial Workshop | You don't want to worry about money. We can help.
    Learn how to bridge the gap in your budget at a free workshop taught by Jesse Jones.

    Date: Monday, Feb. 25th
    Time: 2:30 - 4:30 pm
    Place: Revels 103
    Instructor: Jesse Jones

  • Project Management Seminar | Have you ever been overwhelmed by the stress of projects during a semester? Do you tend to have trouble juggling all of the assignments on your syllabi? Stress no more! Be prepared for your projects this semester by attending a free workshop on project management.

    Date: February 5th
    Time: 2:30-4:30 p.m.
    Place: Revels 309
    Instructor: Mrs. Deb Demirjian
    What to Bring: Your 2019 Spring Syllabi, Scope and Sequence, Laptop, and a Pencil