The Visual Productions proficiency instructs the student in the capture, editing, and production of visual and auditory presentations. Students will gain hands-on experience and training through courses like Photography I and II, Video Production, and Audio Engineering. This proficiency focuses on equipping students to create visual and auditory content through photography and video that can communicate the purpose and message of the ministry. This proficiency can be taken with any concentration.

Faculty Contact

Keenan Sultanik

Chairman of Creative Arts Department

Keenan Sultanik has a background in professional graphic design and media, including...

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

MED 101

2.0 Media Foundations

This course is designed to help the students understand how a church as an...

MED 102

2.0 Design Technology

Students will be introduced to Adobe Creative Cloud and learn to use Adobe...

MED 221

2.0 Graphic Design 1

Graphic design is a fundamental skill in media. This course will provide the...

MED 241

2.0 Photography 1

This course covers the basics of photography, broken into five distinct sections that...

MED 242

2.0 Photography 2

This course is designed to provide advanced training in photography, including studio...

MED 343

2.0 Audio Engineering

This course will give the student skills necessary to design a sound system...

MED 444

2.0 Video Production

This course will demonstrate the power of video in communication, as well as...

MED 499

2.0 Media Portfolio

This course is designed to provide the student with guidance in creating media for...