Students choosing the Biblical Counseling proficiency may use it with any major. Students will learn to identify human needs and problems, gain skills in getting to the root issues, and give hope and provide solutions through biblically based content and methodology.

Faculty Contact

Dr. John Goetsch

Executive Vice President

Dr. John Goetsch was born and raised on a dairy farm near Watertown, Wisconsin and was...

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

BC 221

3.0 Counseling Youth Conflicts 1

Counseling Youth Conflicts will address contemporary...

BC 222

3.0 Counseling Youth Conflicts 2

This course is a continuation of BC 221.

BC 231

1.0 Counseling Life Dominating Problems

This course requires PT 106 Introduction to...

BC 301

3.0 Local Church Counseling 1

This course will help the student understand the process of...

BC 302

2.0 Local Church Counseling 2

This course is a continuation of Local Church Counseling 1....

PT 106

2.0 Intro. to Biblical Counseling

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of...

PT 317

2.0 Counseling Women

This course is designed to help ladies learn how to give biblical counsel to other...

PT 401

2.0 Pastoral Counseling

This will be an in-depth look at the counseling responsibilities of the...

PT 402

2.0 Christian Ministry Counseling

This will be an in-depth look at the counseling...

YM 202

2.0 Youth/Parent Counseling

This class is designed to train youth pastors, youth pastor's...