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Students choosing the Youth proficiency may use it with any major. Students will study the philosophy of youth ministries, youth outreach, youth/parent counseling, and preparing for youth camps and retreats with the goal of being capable to work with and counsel teens in the ministry.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
BC 221 3

Counseling Youth Conflicts

Counseling Youth Conflicts will address contemporary issues facing those who work with teenagers. This course will identify some of the issues young people make and seek to uncover ways of helping youth overcome these issues.

BC 222 3

Preventative Youth Counseling

This course addresses topics pertaining to preventative counsel for teenagers and their parents and explores the most effective ways to prepare teens for the more common challenges and transitions of life. The knowledge and skills presented are most relevant for the Christian young adult but are applicable to any teen. Some of the core topics covered in this course include having a biblical perspective in life, making wise decisions, understanding God's will, and engaging in mature relationships.

EV 310 2

Youth Evangelism

This course will look at youth work, how to reach teenagers effectively for Christ, and how to disciple them. Philosophy of youth work including preaching, activities, and training will be studied.

YM 101 3

Philosophy of Youth Ministries

This course introduces the basic philosophy, principles, and objectives in developing a Bible-based local church youth ministry. This course will review various options for ministering to youth, including camps, Sunday school, retreats, and youth evangelism.

YM 113 2

Event Evangelism

This course is designed to show students how to complement their door-to-door soulwinning efforts with special events for evangelism. Students will learn how to organize a vacation Bible school, a bus ministry, a youth camp, and special "big day" events at a local church. This course can be substituted for PT 112 Advanced Evangelism.

YM 210 2

Relationships and Ministry

This course will instruct the student in practical and biblical ways to "Live peaceably with all men." (Romans 12:18) Steps will be given to equip saints to fulfill the Lord's joy "That ye be likeminded, having the same love, being of one accord, of one mind..." (Philippians 2:2) in ministry. Furthermore, the student will be able to understand in a relational way what it means to have the mind of Christ. In the trenches of ministry, interpersonal relationships with fellow laborers are imperative. This class will give principles of communication, correction, and compassion that will make a difference in their calling. If teamwork makes the dream work, this class is the "how to" on teamwork.

YM 313 2

Christian Camping and Retreats

This course is designed for those taking the Youth Minor. This course will deal with how to organize, plan and staff the Summer Camp program, the different retreats for teens, and a missions trip. This class will deal with the philosophy, the practical, and the legal ramifications that are necessary for ministry in the twenty-first century.

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