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Students choosing the Missions proficiency may use it with any major. Students will study the history of missions, the philosophy of missions, and missions methods with the goal of being prepared to go to the mission field.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
AP 302 2

History of the English Bible

This course is designed to give the student a clear understanding of the Bible version issue. The origins of the various texts, the methods and men used in translating the King James Version, and the weakness of new Bible translations will be examined, giving students a firm understanding of and unshakeable confidence in the KJV.

BL 301 3

Greek 1

This is a concentrated introductory course of Koine Greek grammar, vocabulary and syntax. This course is designed to develop a working knowledge of New Testament Greek. Prerequisite: EN 101 with a grade of a “C” or higher, and EN 102

BL 302 3

Greek 2

This course is a continuation of BL 301. Special emphasis will be given to the function of case, form, tense, voice, and mood. Some word studies will be done. (BL 301 is required with a grade of a "C-" or higher.)

EN 201 3

Advanced Composition and Grammar

EN 201 builds on the previous grammar and composition foundation students received in EN 101 and EN 102. Students will review essentials of grammar and analyze their use in the sentence. They will also analyze basic elements of paragraph construction and clear writing skills and implement these components in writing exercises. An overview of the development of the English language will also be given. Prerequisite: EN 101, EN 102

MI 101 2

Introduction to Missions

This course is an introduction to missions, to its biblical basis, and to the current challenges and needs on the mission field. The purpose is to give the student a sense of the great need for missions today. The lives of great missionaries will be reviewed.

MI 201 2

Philosophy of Missions

This course is designed to give the student a philosophy of missions patterned after the biblical model. Special emphasis will be given to the relationship between the local church and the missionary. It will prepare the student to develop an effective philosophy of missions as a pastor or missionary.

MI 333 2

The Making of a Missionary

This missions elective is really a study of the life of the Apostle Paul and how God made him into one of the world's greatest missionaries. This elective may substitute for another required missions class.

MI 341 3

Cultural Anthropology

This course will give the student an understanding of the study of man in his culture. Because the culture of every society differs, and missions major must understand how to minister within that culture without sacrificing the core truths and beliefs of the Word of God. This course will give the student an understanding of himself within his or her culture and how others view us as "Americans." This class will help lessen some of the possible "culture shock" for the future missionary.

MI 444 2

Practical Missions Preparation

This missions elective is designed to help a missionary learn how to design a display board, how to edit an appropriate video to introduce himself, and how to design prayer cards that communicate the vision God has given to him. This practical elective may substitute for another required missions class.

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