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Students taking a Music proficiency may choose between Music Administration or Music Education. In both proficiencies, students will study music theory, conducting, philosophy, and an applied area. In the administration proficiency, students will also learn administrative and practical skills necessary for leading a church music ministry.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
MU 121 3

Music Theory 1

This course is a study of the scales, diatonic chords, part writing, music typesetting, and arranging structured in a way to reflect the unique needs of church musicians. Students must demonstrate the ability to compose an original gospel song in the 19th-century style.

MU 123 1

Sight Singing and Ear Training 1

Sight singing, aural training, dictation, rhythm, and keyboard skills coordinated with the curriculum of Music Theory 1.

MU 131 3

Music Theory 2

A continuation of Music Theory 1, this course introduces a more detailed study of harmony, writing piano accompaniments, and an introduction to the ambiguities of analytical systems.

MU 133 1

Sight Singing and Ear Training 2

A continuation of MU 123.

MU 202 2

Survey of Western Music

Developing listening skills and a basic understanding of Western music through the study of music literature. Students will be introduced to the basic instruments, structures, forms, and composers from the major style periods, with emphasis on the music from 1700-1950.

MU 315 2

Choral Conducting 1

This course introduces the student to the art and mechanics of choral conducting. The course explores the basic conducting patterns, left hand technique, non-verbal communication, leadership, musical terminology, expressive gestures, and score study. This course will develop important conducting techniques necessary for choir directors and congregational song leaders in local church ministry. Prerequisite: None

MU 371 1


Students in the music department are required to participate in a performing group every semester during their studies. The student may choose to continue with the West Coast Choir and Orchestra to fulfill this credit. Otherwise, the student will be assigned with a performance group that will meet throughout the semester for rehearsal, development, and performance. Admission to this course is at the discretion of the Music Department.

MU 401 2

Sacred Music Literature

This course is designed to expose students to the variety of genres related to “sacred” music history. While not occupying too much time on historical events, this course will examine historical musical pieces from the early church to the present. The main activities will be musical listening, analysis and function for worship.

MU 402 2

Philosophy of Church Music

This course explores the biblical teachings about music and worship and equips the Christian leader with the critical thinking, reasoning, and communication skills necessary to form a biblical philosophy of worship. Students will engage in a variety of readings and critiques as they explore difficult questions surrounding the topic of music and worship in the church music setting. Prerequisite: EN 102


Piano Performance Class (Private Piano Lessons)


Voice Performance Class (Private Voice Lessons)

Private voice lessons give students the opportunity to receive individual, personalized instruction in solo vocal performance. Half hour weekly lessons will include segments on scales and other exercises, breathing and posture, tone, pronunciation, repertoire, and music study and rehearsal skills. Students will demonstrate their progress with presentations during the Vocal Performance Class. Prerequisite or Corequisite: MU 150

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