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Biblical Counseling Concentration

The Biblical Counseling concentration will prepare the student for a counseling ministry in their local church, on the mission field, Christian camps, Christian school classrooms, in biblical counseling centers or any place people are looking for help through the Scriptures. This concentration will cover a wide spectrum of relevant counseling topics that will equip the student with biblically based practical steps to help facilitate a Christlikeness in their counselee.


Interesting Courses

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

BC 101

Credit Hours: 2

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of basic biblical counseling, emphasizing scriptural prescriptions for man's physical, mental, and spiritual needs.

Pastoral Counseling (Men Only)

BC 216

Credit Hours: 2

This will be an in-depth look at the counseling responsibilities of the pastor. It will include a study of the techniques to be used to provide biblical counsel to those who are hurting and in need of guidance. It will also discuss the precautions that need to be taken by a pastor and staff when counseling. Men Only. Prerequisite: None

Biblical Counseling: Addiction

BC 411

Credit Hours: 3

This biblical counseling course will look at the subject of addiction from a spiritual, psychological and physical standpoint. Students will be prepared to biblically counsel those individuals that have an addictive problem and point them to the God Who satisfies. Prerequisite: EN 102

Course ID Credit Hours Course
BC 320 3

Biblical Counseling: Conflict Resolution

This biblical counseling course deals with conflict and how it can be resolved through appropriate application of biblical principles. The sufficiency of Scripture will be paramount as the student learns to resolve conflict. Prerequisite: EN 102

BC 420 3

Biblical Counseling: Crisis and Trauma

This course will equip the student with the skills of crisis / trauma intervention. Emphasis is placed on crisis / trauma counseling from a biblical perspective. The student will learn how to use the Scriptures and prayer, with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, to appropriately intervene in the crisis / traumatic event presenting to them such as depression, suicide, death, PTSD amongst others. Prerequisite: EN 102

PT 104 2

Practical Theology (Men Only)

This course is taught by Pastor Chappell and is designed to equip the student for the work of the ministry. Students will gain practical insights into church planting, servant leadership, staff training, and administration of the local church work.

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