Dr. Jim Schettler | West Coast Baptist College

Dr. Jim Schettler

Joshua Camps

Instructor—Bible, Youth, Counseling

Dr. Jim Schettler directs Joshua Camps at West Coast Baptist College. He grew up in Michigan in a religious home but did not have a relationship with Jesus Christ. On a youth retreat at the age of twelve, he realized his condition and trusted Christ as His Savior. Dr. Schettler served for twenty-five years ministering primarily to young people through Christian education before accepting the pastorate of First Baptist Church in Santa Maria, California, where he served for six years. Dr. Schettler’s excitement for the Lord and heart’s cry to bring the lost to a saving faith in Jesus Christ permeates his preaching, teaching, and outreach. He teaches Bible, counseling, local church discipleship, youth ministry and the Christian home.

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888.694.9222 3150
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