Personal Evangelism for Free Online | West Coast Baptist College
Personal Evangelism

Jerry Ferrso

Instructor—Church Ministries

This lecture series is designed to help the individuals be an effective witness for the Lord. Instruction will be given on how to reach the lost with the Gospel.

Class Lectures

Sharing the Gospel (Part 1)

Sharing the Gospel (Part 2)

What is a Witness? (Part 1)

What is a Witness (Part 2)

Essentials for Soulwinning

Personal Evangelism

How To Lead Someone To Christ (Introduction)

How To Lead Someone To Christ (Beginning the Conversation)

How to Lead Someone to Christ (Genuine Interest)

The 11th Commandment

Turning Towards Spiritual Matters

Three Important Questions

Steps 1-3

Steps 4-6

Steps 7-8

Sweetheart List

Leaving The New Christian With Assurance

Having Fruit That Remains

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