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Biblical Counseling Concentration

The Biblical Counseling concentration will prepare the student for a counseling ministry in their local church, on the mission field, Christian camps, Christian school classrooms, in biblical counseling centers or any place people are looking for help through the Scriptures. This concentration will cover a wide spectrum of relevant counseling topics that will equip the student with biblically based practical steps to help facilitate a Christlikeness in their counselee.


Interesting Courses

Introduction to Biblical Counseling

BC 101

Credit Hours: 2

This course provides an introduction to the fundamentals of basic biblical counseling, emphasizing scriptural prescriptions for man’s physical, mental, and spiritual needs. Prerequisite: None

Pastoral Counseling (Men Only)

BC 216

Credit Hours: 2

This will be an in-depth look at the counseling responsibilities of the pastor. It will include a study of the techniques to be used to provide biblical counsel to those who are hurting and in need of guidance. It will also discuss the precautions that need to be taken by a pastor and staff when counseling. Men Only. Prerequisite: None

Biblical Counseling: Addiction

BC 411

Credit Hours: 3

This biblical counseling course will look at the subject of addiction from a spiritual, psychological and physical standpoint. Students will be prepared to biblically counsel those individuals that have an addictive problem and point them to the God Who satisfies. Prerequisite: EN 102

Course ID Credit Hours Course
AP 101 3


This course is designed to give the student a system of principles to defend his faith, as well as present evidences that support the authenticity of the Christian faith. Prerequisite: None

AP 301 2

Science and Faith

The purpose of this course is to give the student a greater appreciation of both the Bible and science. Furthermore, this course will demonstrate that there is no need for compromise in order to make the Bible fit modern “scientific” discoveries. The student will be taught that true science will always validate God’s word. Prerequisite: EN 102

AP 401 3

Contemporary Theology

This course provides a look at the various positions today, from fundamentalism to modernism. Special emphasis will be given to the challenges facing fundamentalism. The course will also examine the expanding influence of the charismatic movement, its push toward ecumenicalism, and the eventual one-world church. Prerequisite: EN 102

AP 402 2

Biblical Ethics

This course looks at what the Bible says regarding ethical issues in society and ministry today, as well as proper manners and etiquette. The student will be required to evaluate the teachings of Scripture with a look at various methods of ministry. Special emphasis will be placed on the character and ethical responsibilities toward church leadership, members, politics, society, and other churches. Prerequisite: EN 102; 32 credits earned

BC 320 3

Biblical Counseling: Conflict Resolution

This biblical counseling course deals with conflict and how it can be resolved through appropriate application of biblical principles. The sufficiency of Scripture will be paramount as the student learns to resolve conflict. Prerequisite: EN 102

BC 420 3

Biblical Counseling: Crisis and Trauma

This course will equip the student with the skills of crisis / trauma intervention. Emphasis is placed on crisis / trauma counseling from a biblical perspective. The student will learn how to use the Scriptures and prayer, with the leadership of the Holy Spirit, to appropriately intervene in the crisis / traumatic event presenting to them such as depression, suicide, death, PTSD amongst others. Prerequisite: EN 102

BI 101 3

Old Testament Survey

This class will give each student an overview of the Old Testament. We will walk through each book, learn its significance, key words, key verses, key truths, and understand its broad outline and application for New Testament believers. Special emphasis is placed upon authorship, date, and purpose. Passages of particular doctrinal significance will be examined and discussed. As this is a survey, it is merely introductory in nature. Prerequisite: None

BI 102 3

New Testament Survey

This class will give each student an overview of the New Testament. Special emphasis is placed upon authorship, date, and purpose of each book. The student will develop a broad outline for each book. This course will also examine the background and content of each book. Briefly mentioned will be the intertestamental period in order to place the ministry of Jesus Christ into a historical context. Prerequisite: None

BI 112 3

Women of the Bible (Ladies Only)

Women of the Bible is a survey course focusing on the prominent and not-so-prominent women in Scripture. By looking to the women of the Bible, the students can deepen their understanding of Scripture, experience more of God’s love, recognize His relentless jealousy, and discover His creative ability to bring good out of the most difficult circumstances. Ladies Only. Prerequisite: None

BI 201 3

Life of Christ

This course is an in-depth look at the harmonizing of the Gospels. It looks at the major chronological periods in the life of our Lord. The Lord’s life and teachings will be examined with special emphasis on the crucifixion week. Prerequisite: None

BI 211 2


This course covers a history of the early church and the spread of the Gospel. The book will be outlined as the Great Commission is fulfilled in the first century. The course will look at the development of Christianity and its doctrines. Prerequisite: None

BI 212 2


This course will be an expository study of both the book as well as its applications to the doctrines of the Christian life. Students will be given a general outline of the important doctrinal passages that will be discussed. Prerequisite: None

BI 231 2

Introduction to Dispensationalism

Dispensationalism is a theological system borne out of the literal, historical-grammatical interpretation. At its core, Dispensationalism understands that there is a distinction between Israel and the Church and understands the purpose of God in this earth to be doxological. This class will investigate the theological framework of this system, explaining its origins, and its developments. Additionally, it will present a case for declaring this system the most consistent hermeneutical tool in studying the Scriptures. Prerequisite: None

BI 250 3


This course is designed to familiarize students with the storyline and fundamental truths found in the first book of the Bible. From the creation account of Genesis 1 through the death of Joseph in Genesis 50, the book of Genesis provides foundational theological insights and biblical principles from which students will glean applications and understanding for their personal spiritual journey with Christ. This study primarily focuses on observations of creation, the fall of man, Noah’s flood, the foundation of God’s covenant with Israel and the lives of the patriarchs. Prerequisite: None

BI 291 2

Methodical Bible Studies

This course will help the student develop sound Bible study methods. It will operate on the premise that the interpretation of Scripture is best understood by other Scripture. The student will learn a method to follow in the process of Bible study. The student will also be involved with hands-on projects applying each step in the process of Bible study. Prerequisite: None

BI 361 3

Theology 1

This course is an in-depth study of Bibliology and Theology. Prerequisite: EN 102

BI 362 3

Theology 2

This course is an in-depth study of Christology and Pneumatology. Prerequisite: EN 102

BI 363 3

Theology 3

This course is an in-depth study of Hamartiology, Anthropology, and Soteriology. Prerequisite: EN 102

BI 364 3

Theology 4

This course is an in-depth study of Ecclesiology, Angelology, and Eschatology. Prerequisite: EN 102

BI 401 3

Baptist History and Distinctives

This course will survey the history of Baptist churches throughout the past two thousand years. Special emphasis will be placed on the historical distinctives of Baptists. Prerequisite: EN 102

PT 104 2

Practical Theology (Men Only)

This course is taught by Dr. Chappell to equip young men for the work of local church ministry. Students will gain both biblical and practical insights in areas such as Baptist church planting, discipleship, contemporary theology, servant leadership, staff training, and the administration of local church work. Prerequisite: None

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