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WCBC 2018 Graduation Honors Recipients

West Coast Baptist College encourages its students to strive for excellence in everything that they do. We believe that whatsoever our hand findeth to do, we should do it with all our might. One area in which excellence is maintained is in the area of academics and study. These students​ have maintained a 3.50 or higher GPA throughout their entire collegiate record and have graduated with honors on this basis.

Laura Adams

Amy Kent

Michael Alley

Aaron King

Evelyn Anderson

Justin Leonor

Kathryn Anderson

Kristi Longhofer

Lauren Basso

Aaron Mast

Matthew Bateman

Cherilyn Mein

Daniel Booth

Angelica Merlos

Thomas Brackett

Ruben Nunez

Samantha Buck

John Park

Daniel Cannon

Alyson Phillips

Jennifer Carter

Monica Porta

Julie Chappell

Joanna Rajaratnam

Taylar Chute

Ariana Ramirez

Ocie Coefield

Daniela Rechy (Vazquez)

Tyler Collum

Daniel Reich

Katlin Dorsey

Ruth Rios

John Eddy IV

Evan Rose

Rebecca Emerson

Patrick Russell 

Michelle Espino

Travis Sanders

Ryan Flemming

Savannah Sato

Hannah Furlong

Chase Sato

Anna Gregory

Andrew Scoggins

Abigail Guins

Justin Smith

Cristen  Hobbs

Kathy Stoner

David Hurst

Grace Tesdall

Katrina Jackson

Danae Todd

Jason Jett

Johnathon Tombleson

Jacquie Johnson

Steven Von Bokern 

Jenessa Jorgensen

Catherine Wass

Brent Joslin 

Gregory Wood

Joselle Jurolan

Lois Wyman

Hope Kelly

Sarah Yates

Karen Kennedy

Abigail Young