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Your call to preach the gospel needs biblical training.

WCBC is committed to help you receive the training you need.

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Kerusso Scholarship

a $4,000 scholarship for men who are called to preach

$1,000 per semester for the first four semesters of study

Dr. Paul Chappell

President of West Coast Baptist College

There is a great need in our country and our world for young men to boldly proclaim God’s truth. At West Coast Baptist College we are passionate about training men who have a call to preach the gospel. If you believe God’s plan for your life is to preach the Word of God, I do not believe there is any better place in the world to train than West Coast Baptist College. Here you can learn sermon preparation from Dr. John Goetsch, be mentored and trained by Dr. Jim Schettler and gain a systematic understanding of vital Bible doctrines while you experience a vibrant local church ministry.

The Need for Preachers

Mike Norris | Pastor

As one generation of preachers fades off the scene, there has never been more of a need for Bible-based, Spirit-filled, trained preachers. I believe the next generation of pastors are the only hope for seeing our country turn back to God!

Dean Miller | Pastor

The church needs a revival of preaching. This requires preachers. We need men called of God, anointed with the Spirit, and so full of the Word that it burns in their bones.

Tom Farrell | Evangelist

Preaching is the highest and holiest call that God can give a man.

Dave Young | Evangelist

Throughout history, our God has called preachers to proclaim the gospel to men and women in every part of the world; and to start, shepherd, and revive His church.

R.B. Ouellette | Pastor

There is no greater need than the need for preachers. There is no better place for training laborers than West Coast Baptist College.

Requirements for Kerusso Scholarship

*Applicants must have a reference from your home pastor regarding your call to preach.

  1. General requirements for all scholarships applies. See general requirements
  2. Available only to incoming freshmen.
  3. A student converting from the one-year Bible program can participate and will be eligible for only 2 semesters of this scholarship.
  4. Available to both on-campus and off-campus students
  5. Not available to online students.
  6. Not available to students enrolled in a Music, Education or One Year Bible program.
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