Galleria Terms and Conditions


Space rental fee for this event is NON-REFUNDABLE and is for both days. Space assignment will be made on a first-payment received basis.
West Coast Baptist College reserves the right to deny any registration due to the best interests of the College.

Spaces are rented in 10’ X 10’ increments.
All spaces are preassigned, and cannot be shared or split. Vendors occupying space rented to others will be asked to move. Please respect the space of the vendors next to you and keep your display in your assigned area.

Vendors may begin setting up at 10 AM on Friday, 18 September 2020 and must be completely packed and cleaned up by 5 PM on Saturday, 19 September 2020.

All vendors must note on their application the type of items to be sold, such as handmade crafts or Direct Sales merchandise. To make it fair for everyone, we are only allowing no more than one representative from any given Direct Sales company. Failure to disclose that you are selling Direct Sales merchandise will require you to remove said merchandise completely out of the event area.

Each vendor assumes all responsibility for loss or damage of his/her property before, during and after the event. The undersigned does hereby agree that in consideration for the event opportunity, the Lancaster Baptist Church, West Coast Baptist College, and all its representatives are hereby  absolved from any and all liability or obligation, actual or implied, for any/all losses, costs, or damages and shall be fully held harmless and blameless against any claim made by or for the benefit of the undersigned vendor.

There will be absolutely NO early breakdowns. The contract is for the full term of the event. Violation of this rule will constitute a breach in the contract. This is not fair to other vendors, customers, and the event. Exceptions will be made only for extreme illness or family emergency. Violators of early breakdown will not be permitted to return for future events.

Vendors will be provided with the space they have prepaid for and one boxed lunch. Each vendor must provide their own tables, chairs, linens, and set-up. There will not be space to accommodate an area larger than you have rented, so please plan accordingly for all of it to fit.

Electrical outlets are limited and will be available only to those that requested them at registration. Once place assignments are complete, there will be no room for accommodations.

Vendors accept sole responsibility for all monetary aspects of their table. Change will not be available. Vendors assume full and sole responsibility for all transactions between themselves and customers. Vendors assume responsibility of payment methods they accept should a problem arise with collection.

No alcoholic beverages or containers will be permitted to sell or have on the property.

No smoking and/or vaping will be permitted on the property.

No tobacco (of any kind), or vaping products will be permitted to sell.

Vendors and their representatives will conduct themselves in an orderly, polite and businesslike manner or they will be asked to leave. Please be respectful of where you are, other vendors, and guests.

Boxed lunches will be served in the Galleria. Each registration includes one free lunch. If you prepaid and ordered additional lunches, they will be delivered with yours. There will be trash receptacles in the event area. Please police your area regularly and remove all litter that results.

Vendors must leave their area in a neat and orderly manner when the event is concluded.
Vendors will be responsible for any damage done to College or Church property as a result of their participation in this event beyond normal wear.