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Dr. Don Sisk Scholarship Fund

Dr. Sisk—the long-time president and director of BIMI—joined Lancaster Baptist Church as the Chairman of the Missions Department of WCBC in 2003. No other missionary spokesman has been used of God to challenge as many churches and individuals regarding worldwide evangelization as Dr. Don Sisk. He has crisscrossed America while preaching for more than 1,300 missions conferences in over 1,000 churches. Millions of dollars are given annually for missions as a result of his faith promise mission meetings. Hundreds of Christians are now serving as missionaries who heard God’s call through his preaching.

The Don Sisk Scholarship funds will be given annually to missions majors who are in need of financial help. We sincerely hope that you will pray about sending a gift to this scholarship fund to help us honor Dr. Sisk for his sixty years of faithful ministry. You may give by using the form below. Later this year, as the funds are distributed, we will send you an update regarding the use of the funds.

Please consider taking a moment to donate below.