Students choosing the Youth proficiency may use it with any major. Students will study the philosophy of youth ministries, youth outreach, youth/parent counseling, and preparing for youth camps and retreats with the goal of being capable to work with and counsel teens in the ministry.

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

BC 221

3.0 Counseling Youth Conflicts 1

Counseling Youth Conflicts will address contemporary...

BC 222

3.0 Counseling Youth Conflicts 2

This course is a continuation of BC 221.

EV 310

2.0 Youth Evangelism

This course will look at youth work, how to reach teenagers effectively for Christ...

YM 101

3.0 Philosophy of Youth Ministries

This course introduces the basic philosophy, principles,...

YM 113

2.0 Event Evangelism

This course is designed to show students how to complement their door-to-door...

YM 210

2.0 Relationships and Ministry

This course will instruct the student in practical and...

YM 313

2.0 Christian Camping and Retreats

This course is designed for those taking the Youth...