Students taking a Music proficiency may choose between Music Administration or Music Education. In both proficiencies, students will study music theory, conducting, philosophy, and an applied area. In the education proficiency, students will also learn pedagogical and practical skills necessary for teaching music in a Christian school setting.

Faculty Contact

John Tyler

Chairman of Music Department

John Tyler graduated from West Coast Baptist College in 2011 and immediately began...

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

MU 121

3.0 Music Theory 1

This course is a study of the scales, diatonic chords, part writing, music typesetting...

MU 123

1.0 Sight Singing and Ear Training 1

Sight singing, aural training, dictation, rhythm,...

MU 131

3.0 Music Theory 2

A continuation of Music Theory 1, this course introduces a more detailed study of...

MU 133

1.0 Sight Singing and Ear Training 2

A continuation of MU 123.

MU 202

2.0 Survey of Music History

Developing listening skills and a basic understanding of Western music...

MU 211

2.0 Christian School Music

A systematic approach to teaching music in the Christian school is...

MU 250

2.0 Rhythm

This course covers the practical performance of rhythm with the triple-action counting method,...

MU 301

1.0 College Choir

This class prepares music for special events at the college as well as for church...

MU 304

2.0 Piano Accompaniment

This course is a skills-based class that will focus on the discipline of...

MU 310

2.0 Vocal Diction and Pedagogy

An introduction to the fundamentals of vocal/physical anatomy...

MU 315

2.0 Choral Conducting 1

This course explores the essentials of choral rehearsals and performance,...

MU 371

2.0 Ensemble


MU 402

2.0 Philosophy of Church Music

Music is possibly one of the most controversial topics among...

MU 421

1.0 Private Lessons

Lessons will be tailored to the individual ability of the student.