Students choosing the Home Economics proficiency may use it with any major or it may become a teaching field in the Secondary Education concentration. Students will develop nutritional cooking skills and practice cooking within a budget as well as sewing and clothing repair. Students will gain familiarity in safe use, cleaning and storage of kitchen and sewing equipment. Projects involve cooking in a fully equipped kitchen and sewing with top-of-the-line machines.

Faculty Contact

Suza Rasmussen

Instructor—Secretarial, Home Economics

Mrs. Rasmussen is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University. She has taught on the...

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

HE 101

3.0 Meal Preparation 1

This course will teach students both how to prepare menus with proper...

HE 102

3.0 Meal Preparation 2

This course emphasizes how to plan menus and how to read labels and shop in...

HE 201

2.0 Home Decoration and Management

This course will teach students some techniques in...

HE 310

3.0 Clothing Construction 1

This course will introduce the student to the sewing machine and...

HE 311

3.0 Clothing Construction 2

This course requires the completion of HE 310 and is an advanced...

HE 401

2.0 Teaching High School Home Economics

This course will equip the student to...