The proficiency in Graphic Design takes the student through the basics of design technology, layout, and prepress skills needed for designing graphics for print and display, and includes courses like Print Production, Typography, and Branding Design. The Graphic Design proficiency will equip the student to design brochures, presentation graphics, and logos needed to visually communicate in ministry. This proficiency can be taken with any concentration.

Faculty Contact

Keenan Sultanik

Chairman of Creative Arts Department

Keenan Sultanik has a background in professional graphic design and media, including...

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

MED 101

2.0 Media Foundations

This course is designed to help the students understand how a church as an...

MED 102

2.0 Design Technology

Students will be introduced to Adobe Creative Cloud and learn to use Adobe...

MED 221

2.0 Graphic Design 1

Graphic design is a fundamental skill in media. This course will provide the...

MED 222

2.0 Graphic Design 2

Building upon the concepts presented in Graphic Design 1, this course will examine...

MED 323

2.0 Typography

This course covers the basics of typography, the use of letters and type to effectively...

MED 324

2.0 Print Production

This course will provide the student with the knowledge of industry standard...

MED 425

2.0 Branding Design

This course will provide the student with a working knowledge of branding and logo...

MED 499

2.0 Media Portfolio

This course is designed to provide the student with guidance in creating media for...