Students choosing the English proficiency may use it with any major or it may become a teaching field in the secondary education concentration.  Within either of these purposes, students will study grammar, literature, and creative writing with the goal of becoming proficient in each of the areas.

Faculty Contact

Dr. Jerry Goddard

Dean of Administrative Affairs

Dr. Goddard has been involved in the ministry of Christian education for over four...

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

EN 101

3.0 Grammar and Composition 1

This course teaches English grammar and foundational writing...

EN 102

3.0 Grammar and Composition 2

This course is designed to develop and enhance the student'...

EN 201

2.0 Advanced Composition and Grammar

EN 201 builds on the previous grammar and...

EN 270

3.0 English Literature

This course will evaluate English literature for its style, content, and value...

EN 280

3.0 American Literature

This course will evaluate American literature for its style, content, and...

EN 370

2.0 Creative Writing

This course provides an overview of the various forms of creative writing....

EN 403

2.0 Shakespearean Literature

Students in this course will analyze Shakespearean literature...

EN 404

2.0 Children's Literature

Students will learn the skill of evaluating children’s literature by...

EN 410

2.0 Teaching High School English

Students will learn principles of teaching in a classroom...