Students choosing the Church Planting proficiency may use it with any major. Students will study the history of the church, the foundations of the church, and how to plant a church both in the United States and on foreign fields with the goal of planting churches after graduation.

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

CP 101

2.0 Intro. to Church Planting

Introduction to Church Planting will help the student achieve a...

CP 102

2.0 Biblical Foundations for Church Planting

Biblical Foundations for Church...

CP 201

2.0 History of Baptist Church Planting

The History of Baptist Church Planting is a...

CP 202

2.0 Birth to Maturity as a Church Plant

From Birth to Maturity is a class that will focus...

CP 301

2.0 Developing a Local Church Planting Ministry

Every pastor should be looking...

CP 302

2.0 Church Planting on the Mission Field

Church Planting on the Mission Field will equip...

CP 401

2.0 Church Planting Methodology

Church Planting Methodology is a focus on the practical...

PT 451

2.0 Ministry Internship

This course is a directed study course. Its purpose is to give practical...