Students choosing the Business proficiency may use it with any major or it may become a teaching field in the Secondary Education concentration. Within either of these purposes, students will study Microsoft Office and the applications of Word, Excel, Access, PowerPoint, and Publisher.

Faculty Contact

Suza Rasmussen

Instructor—Secretarial, Home Economics

Mrs. Rasmussen is a graduate of Tennessee Temple University. She has taught on the...

Course of Study

Course ID
Credit Hours

BU 201

3.0 Principles of Administration

This practical course will enable students to understand the...

CS 102

2.0 Secretarial Computer 1

This course is a study of the Microsoft Office 2010 software. In...

CS 103

2.0 Secretarial Computer 2

This course is a study of the Microsoft Office 2010 software. In...

CS 110

3.0 Basic Typing and Computers

This course teaches students the basics of the computer and...

CS 111

2.0 Word Processing

This course is to familiarize the student with Microsoft Word. It will be a study of...

CS 201

2.0 Office Management

This course, designed for the secretarial major, gives methods of office...

CS 222

2.0 Records Management

This course is a study of Microsoft Access. Introductory concepts of creating...

CS 231

2.0 Business Communications

This course is designed to teach secretarial students the art of...

MED 101

2.0 Media Foundations

This course is designed to help the students understand how a church as an...