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Church Planting

Students choosing the Church Planting proficiency may use it with any major. Students will study the history of the church, the foundations of the church, and how to plant a church both in the United States and on foreign fields with the goal of planting churches after graduation.

Course ID Credit Hours Course
CP 101 2

Intro. to Church Planting

Introduction to Church Planting will help the student achieve a general overview of the work of local New Testament church planting principles and philosophy. Topics include the model, mandate, motives, mindset, ministry, mentoring, and multiplication of local New Testament Churches.

CP 102 2

Biblical Foundations for Church Planting

Biblical Foundations for Church Planting will expose each student to the biblical pattern and models established by Jesus and carried out by the apostles in seeing the work of the Great Commission fulfilled through the planting of local churches. Topics include Jesus and the Church He built, Jerusalem and church planting as well as Antioch and this churches three church planting journeys.

CP 201 2

History of Baptist Church Planting

The History of Baptist Church Planting is a course that will shed some light on the historical record of our Baptist forefathers' passion and practice in planting reproducing New Testament Baptist churches. From Europe to the Americas this class will focus on the historical record of church planting revivals and their impact during their generation.

CP 202 2

Birth to Maturity as a Church Plant

From Birth to Maturity is a class that will focus primarily on the first few years of a new church plant. What are the practices and principles that will help a new church become a healthy, thriving New Testament church? What are some of the bench marks that should be achieved as a new church grows from birth to maturity?

CP 301 2

Developing a Local Church Planting Ministry

Every pastor should be looking forward to one day planting churches directly out of his local church. Whether a man is used to plant a new church or pastor an existing church, his mindset ought to be on developing a workable program to incorporate church planting as a vital ministry within his church. Churches that reproduce churches is God's plan to reach this world in this generation.

CP 302 2

Church Planting on the Mission Field

Church Planting on the Mission Field will equip mission's students to fulfill the Great Commission through church planting. The emphasis of this class will be on planting indigenous churches that will in time become not only self-governing and self supporting but also self-propagating. Becoming reproducible is the key to a legacy of churches reproducing their kind long after the missionary is removed from the field.

CP 401 2

Church Planting Methodology

Church Planting Methodology is a focus on the practical procedures needed in seeing a church planted. Topics include principles, preaching, prayer, planning, places, phones, printed materials, presence on the web, precautions, priorities, and the roll of the reproducing pastor.

PT 451 2

Ministry Internship

This course is a directed study course. Its purpose is to give practical training in the local church. The student, under the direction of the pastor, will work in the various church ministries a minimum of six hours per week the last semester of his senior year. A report must be submitted weekly by the student to the Academic Dean.

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