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The history of West Coast Baptist College began in July of 1986 when our pastor, Paul Chappell, came to the Antelope Valley in the Mojave Desert of Southern California. Our pastor was driven by a passion for lost souls and a vision of what God would do in Lancaster. The church began to grow through an aggressive soulwinning program with new converts being grounded with the Bible-centered preaching of Pastor Chappell.

In the spring of 1988, the church raised an initial $50,000 in a "Giving by Faith" banquet. This money provided the exact amount needed for the down payment on our first 20 acres of property located on the east side of town.

The church and its ministries continued to expand, adding a bus ministry, several adult Bible classes, a radio ministry, a Spanish ministry, a Christian school, and a Bible institute. In December of 1993, the church moved to a new 21-acre site. Today the church owns 83 acres of property which have been master-planned for the church and college ministry.

Dr. Chappell had a great vision for the future work of Christ. Included in this vision was to one day start a Bible college to provide a place for our people to receive a Bible college education and to go forth into God's harvest field while there was still time to serve Christ. After a unanimous vote from the members of Lancaster Baptist church, West Coast Baptist College opened as the first Independent Baptist College under the authority of a local church on the West Coast.