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The history of West Coast Baptist College began in July of 1986 when our pastor, Paul Chappell, came to the Antelope Valley of Southern California. He was driven by a passion for lost souls and a vision of what God would do through His local church. The church began to grow through an aggressive soulwinning program with new believers being grounded through the Bible-centered preaching and an emphasis on a compassion for others. In 1995, Lancaster Baptist Church voted unanimously to expand the church’s ministry by opening the doors of WCBC.

Today, the college sits on eighty-three acres which have been strategically planned to facilitate the expansion and fulfillment of the mission of WCBC. One of Dr. Chappell’s earliest goals was coalescing a team of quality, biblically minded, doctrinally-sound, and academically-strong faculty. These early instructors provided a strong foundation that has been added to in successive years. The Lord has blessed WCBC with able and qualified faculty who model church ministry, provide servant leadership, and give quality instruction to our students.

The campus and programs of WCBC continue to expand and develop. As a Bible college, our core concentrations are in Bible, Pastoral Studies, Missions, Evangelism, Music, Church Ministries, Christian Education, Ministry Leadership Administration, Office Administration, and Secretarial. To further equip students for the work of the ministry, we also offer proficiencies in Youth Ministry, Speech, Biblical Counseling, and Graphic Design. With God’s help, WCBC continues to be a leading choice of young people from around the world. Please pray that God will continue to use this place to send laborers into His harvest..