Walther Center

Walter Center

Currently, our campus is in need of a facility that will expand educational space, while providing a much-needed center for activities, conferences, and athletic events. This 54,000 square foot facility will be the largest construction project our ministry has undertaken, and it is our prayer that God will use this building for His glory.

Leo Walther

Leo Walther

From the day the college opened its doors in 1995, Leo began pouring his life into the students. He so invested in the students of West Coast Baptist College that outside of his family, they literally became his entire social life. He loved them, spent time with them, gave to them, and prayed for them. There never was a man who loved his Lord, his pastor, his church family, and the students and graduates of West Coast Baptist College more than Leo Walther. It is our delight to name this student commons building “The Walther Center” in memory of our dear friend Leo Walther.

Walther Center Restaurant

Full Service Restaurant

The Walther Center will include a restaurant that will provide full-service dining for ninety-five people.

Walther Center Social Space

Social Fellowship Space

During the first phase of use, this area will be dedicated to providing a casual recreational space for young adults and teens. It will include seating, ping-pong, foosball, and game systems. This space can eventually provide seating for an additional 1,200 people.

Walther Center Event Space

Event Space

The Walther Center will help meet the growing need for event space for Lancaster Baptist Church, West Coast Baptist College, and Lancaster Baptist School. It will be used for athletic events and tournaments as well as church-wide mens and ladies gatherings.

Walther Center Spanish Worship Space

Spanish Worship Space

Our growing Spanish congregation will have all of their weekly services on the main floor of the new Walther Center. This will provide the much needed space to reach out to this growing and important part of our Antelope Valley community.

  1. Athletics & Restaurant Offices
  2. Baptistry & Changing Rooms
  3. Bleacher Seating
  4. Fan Shop & Concession
  5. Full-Height Foldable Wall
  6. Laundry Facility
  7. Lobby Display Case
  8. Men’s Locker Rooms
  1. Multipurpose Stage
  2. Multiuse Floor
  3. Restaurant
  4. Social Fellowship Space
  5. Storage
  6. Ticket Window
  7. Walk of Faith Courtyard
  8. Welcome Kiosk

To see a complete list of features and costs, see the Walther Center brochure.

We invite you to prayerfully consider being a part. Those who support our mission are partners in a work with eternal dividends. By investing in students, you are planting seeds that will reap a harvest of Christian service!

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