Whether you are a senior pastor, an assistant pastor, a Christian school administrator or teacher, your current ministry responsibilities and busy schedule are very real obstacles that may be hindering you from doing what the Lord is prompting you to do—pursue further education.

West Coast Baptist College online learning programs offer you the opportunity to stay home, stay involved in your ministry, and complete courses online at your own pace! All you need is a working computer with internet access. By investing a few hours each week, you can complete the One Year Bible Certificate, the Master’s Degree in Bible, or the Master’s Degree in Christian Education

What You Get with West Coast Online

When you enroll in West Coast Baptist College's Online Learning program, you get access to over 150 hours of professionally produced video content, and direct e-mail access to your instructors.

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Get a free CD with two full-length sample lectures. Email the admissions office or call 1-888-694-9222.

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Students have the option of paying for individual courses or paying for the entire program up-front at a discounted rate.Read more »


After 17 years on the mission field, the opportunity to receive advice and teaching from godly independent Baptists who are themselves doing a great work for the Lord, is a welcome encouragement. The blessing of being able to study a practical, Bible-based course while serving on the mission field...Read more »

Online Program Application

Apply online at http://westcoastonline.net/west-coast-online-applicationYou must pay your application fee before your application will be processed.Read more »

Online Courses

The Master’s Degree in Bible includes courses in individual book studies not taught generally on the undergraduate level such as Mosaic Writings, Gospel of John, Eschatology, Typology, Psalms, Proverbs, and Bible Geography and Archaeology. A 10,000 word thesis is also required on a practical area of ministry.Read more »