Dr. John Goetsch teaching a session in preaching camp

Preaching Camp

June 10 - June 12

Mark your calendar for 2013 Preaching Camp for young men. This year’s camp will run in conjunction with the Spiritual Leadership Conference here at Lancaster Baptist Church. For the price of the Leadership Conference registration, preaching camp delegates will be able to participate in 10 daytime sessions taught by Dr. John Goetsch in addition to all that Leadership Conference has to offer. Practical instruction will be given in how to develop, construct, and deliver sermon outlines. Enjoy sessions such as “Challenging through Illustrations” and “Compassionate Delivery,” as well as the opportunity to put into practice the fundamentals of biblical preaching. These several days of instruction under the tutelage of a seasoned evangelist will sharpen God’s call on your life as a preacher!

Preaching camp attendees should register for Spiritual Leadership Conference 2013 by clicking on the Register button below. While registering, be sure to select a Delegate Type of Teenager and check the box next to "Registering for preaching camp with Dr. Goetsch" in order to register properly. Please do NOT check the box indicating that you are staying in the dorms, even though you will be.

LBC Member Delegates:
Local delegates who are members of Lancaster Baptist Church should register for Preaching Camp through their student ministries class or at Guest Services.

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Camp Information

Age Group: 7th - 12th grade

Cost: Cost is $129 and includes both preaching camp and Spiritual Leadership Conference

Arrival: Monday registration begins at 9:00 A.M. and the sessions begin at 2:00 P.M.
Departure: Thursday morning by 10:00 A.M.

What to Bring: You will need to bring toiletries, towels/washcloths, a Bible and notebook, a pillow, and a sleeping bag or bedding for a twin bed. If desired, you may bring spending money for drinks/snacks.
Do Not Bring: iPods, laptops, electronic games, CD, DVD, or mp3 players, pranks, rock music, cigarettes, alcohol, magazines, a bad attitude, or any weapons. No radios, drugs, firearms, explosives, or profanity are permitted.

Attire: For sessions, please wear collared shirts and slacks.

Camp Leader: Dr. John Goetsch

Executive Vice President

Dr. John Goetsch

Dr. Goetsch has been preaching for more than 35 years and has held revival meetings in over 1,000 churches across the United States. He is an instructor of homiletics and evangelism at West Coast Baptist College.

For additional information: Please contact Kari Schmidt at 888.694.9222, ext. 3121, or kari.schmidt@wcbc.edu.

Download the Agreement and Medical Release Form
Medical release is required for all summer camps. Please print, complete, and mail the form to:
WCBC Summer Camps Dept.
Attn. Danielle Handrich
4010 E. Lancaster Blvd, Lancaster, CA 93535