Student Commons

Student Commons Building: Walther Center

The next step in the advancement of the WCBC campus is the Student Commons. The facility will include basketball courts with increased spectator seating, locker rooms, men’s and women’s fitness rooms, an event stage, and multiple assembly rooms. This building will serve as an event center for southwestern United States schools and conferences. It will also be the home of sports, dating, and social activities for future missionaries, pastors, and Christian workers.

If this much-needed facility is to become a reality, the help of God’s people is vital. We covet your earnest prayers that God will enable many to participate in the funding of this endeavor. Should the Lord lay it upon your heart to assist the college with this project, your investment in the next generation of God’s servants will bear eternal dividends.

If you are interested in donating toward the construction of the new commons building, please contact Dr. Mark Rasmussen's office at 888-694-9222 Ext. 122 or donate online at the link below.

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