Chad Phillips Family

Alumni Update Chad Phillips Family

Feb 26, 2011

Sent from Victory Baptist Church in Loganville, Georgia, the Phillips are missionaries on their way to Cambodia. Chad graduated from West Coast Baptist College in May of 2007. Chad and Linda have two children: Elisabeth (3) and Judson (2).

"Praise the Lord, we're at one hundred percent financial support!" said Chad. "After eighteen months and ninety-one churches we are on our way to the mission field in just a few short weeks." For the next three years, the Phillips are going to work with Stephen Benefield and his family, in Phnom Penh. Upon arrival in the country, "I am the only one that needs a business visa. Linda is from Cambodia, and my children are going to be grandfathered in."

"I have been studying Khmer for about four years now. I have a basic understanding, but will need to attend language school so I can preach and communicate effectively." Cambodia is primarily a Buddhist country, but the government, as a whole, is open to missionaries. "We are able to pass out tracts and go soulwinning! Usually if any opposition is experienced, it is mainly from the Buddhist community."

"We have the desire to train men for the ministry and to train a national pastor to take over a church we hope to plant. Within that church, we would like to get some ministries started: an orphanage, Christian school, Bible institute, and many other possibilities. Cambodia is known for its high rate of child prostitution. My biggest fear is that something will happen to my children involving the child trafficking. But on the flip side, we are excited with the thought of being used by God to bring the Gospel to somebody. To be used by Him to make a difference in one person's life is thrilling!

West Coast would like to thank Brother and Mrs. Phillips for their faithfulness to the Lord. We are anticipating the news of their arrival and the things God will do through their missions work in Cambodia.