Atherton Family

Alumni Update Atherton Family

Feb 06, 2011

Aaron and Juliann Atherton have been serving at the Mojave Baptist Chapel, in Mojave California, since May of 2007. Pastor Atherton graduated from West Coast in 2009. Juliann became a full-time Mom after attending West Coast Baptist College for two years. The Athertons are the proud parents of three children: Alia Joy (4), Jude (2), and James (10 months).

"Mojave, in general, is a unique city. As far as Mojave Baptist Chapel it is an extension ministry of Lancaster Baptist Church. We are doing phenomenal! God has really been working. Last year we had over 56 people get saved." said Pastor Atherton. He then added, “We celebrate our 7th anniversary on February 6th. In March we have our Mind of Christ outreach kickoff. We are looking forward to knocking on each door in the town before the summer.” Mojave has a population of about 4,000 people.

Question: What advice would you give about the ministry?
Pastor Atherton: "You have to keep a close walk with the Lord. My favorite part of the ministry is seeing the Lord work in people's lives. You can't put a price tag on that. To see people living one way and then get saved, baptized, and start ushering is great."

West Coast would like to thank Pastor and Mrs. Atherton for their faithfulness to the ministry at Mojave Baptist Chapel.