The Administration of West Coast Baptist College is committed to a hands-on approach to the everyday life of the students. Every member of the Administration is involved in teaching on a daily basis in the classroom and mentoring outside the classroom through the activities of student life. Students are encouraged to take advantage of the open-door policy of the Administration and seek counsel from them on any subject. Students know that at least one member of the Administration is always on campus to help them with any needs that they have.

Our instructors come from over 32 different colleges and seminaries and represent over 800 years of experience in the ministry. Every member of the faculty and staff is a soulwinner and involved in a ministry of the Lancaster Baptist Church. Students realize within days of their arrival that the faculty and staff are a constant presence on campus and are always available to mentor them in their academic, social, or spiritual lives.

WCBC Facultyclick for more information

Dr. Paul Chappell
Founder and President
Dr. John Goetsch
Executive Vice President
Dr. Mark Rasmussen
Vice President
Dr. Jim Schettler
Vice President
Dr. Toby Weaver
Dean of Students
Dr. Jerry Goddard
Dean of Administrative Affairs
Mike Lester
Academic Dean
Rick Houk
Chairman of Bible Department
Dr. Don Sisk
Chairman of Missions Department
Dr. Thomas C. Shepherd
Ministry Executive Administrator
Dr. Rick Allen
Curt Beeson
Instructor—Athletics / Basketball Coach
Terrie Chappell
Tim Christoson
Instructor—Pastoral Studies
Amy Cox
Larry Cox
Instructor—Math, Science
Tobi England
Jerry Ferrso
Instructor—Church Ministries
Diane Goetsch
Instructor—Education, Home Economics
Erich Grosse
Instructor—Bible, Education
Ben Hobbs
Instructor—Church Finance and Accounting
Daniel Hopkins
Amy Houk
Mark Irmler
Instructor—Church Ministries
Dane Keely
Jill Kobernat
Suza Rasmussen
Bryan Samms
Instructor—Bible, Church Ministries
Virginia Sisk
Gary Spaeth
Instructor—Bible Department
Lisa Stoner
Keenan Sultanik
Instructor—Media Department
Sherry Tierney
Rita Weaver
Instructor—Church Ministries
Reggie Williams
Assistant Dean of Men—Bible, Education
Melodie Workman
Instructor—Volleyball, English