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Academic Information

Academic Classification

Non-Degree Students
Any student attending West Coast Baptist College for his own benefit and not working toward a degree
Part-Time Students
Any student taking fewer than 12 credit hours
Full-Time Students
Any student enrolled in more than 12 credit hours (Full-time status is required for dormitory students)

Class Standing

A freshman is a student who has satisfied entrance requirements and who has completed fewer than 31 credit hours.
A sophomore is a student who has completed at least 31 credit hours, but fewer than 63 credit hours.
A junior is a student who has completed at least 63 credit hours, but fewer than 96 credit hours.
A senior is a student who has completed at least 96 credit hours.

Correspondence Credit

As a general rule, correspondence credits are not acceptable for a degree. It is our desire that our students would capture the heartbeat of West Coast Baptist College. Should a student need certain classes that are not offered or may be in conflict with other classes, that student may seek permission from the Academic Dean for special purposes.

In the event that the Academic Dean deems correspondence work as a satisfactory way of meeting graduation requirements, the following guidelines will be observed:

  1. No student shall exceed more than 9 hours of correspondence credit.
  2. Any classes being taken through correspondence (or video) during the semester will count toward the student’s academic load.
  3. Correspondence credit shall not be put toward teaching fields for education majors. (Example: A Science Major will not be allowed to take Biology via a correspondence course.)

Transfer Credits

On certain occasions, a student may wish to take classes for transfer from junior colleges or other institutions during the summer. These courses will only be transferred if the student has received advance approval from the Academic Dean. The courses under consideration must be equivalent to those offered here at West Coast Baptist College.

Graduation Honors

West Coast Baptist College encourages its students to strive for excellence in everything that they do. We believe that whatsoever our hand findeth to do, we should do it with all our might. One area in which excellence is maintained is in the area of academics and study. To qualify for the following honors, a student must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours and have no grade below a “B.”

President’s List 3.90 - 4.00
Dean’s List 3.75 - 3.89
Honor Roll 3.50 - 3.74
In addition to these honors, members of the senior class may graduate with honors on the basis of their entire collegiate records.

Summa Cum Laude 3.90 – 4.00
Magna Cum Laude 3.75 – 3.89
Cum Laude 3.50 – 3.74

Student Academic Load

A full-time student is one who has more than 12 credit hours during a semester. West Coast Baptist College has always been more interested in graduates than students. We are not after the professional student – on the contrary, we are endeavoring to send equipped workers into the fields of the world. Our classes are designed so that a student who takes 16 credit hours each semester will graduate in four years. No student is allowed to take more than 21 credit hours during a semester (this would include correspondence credit as well).

Student academic loads are determined on the following basis:

  1. Students whose grade point average (GPA) drops below 2.0 are restricted to 14 credit hours.
  2. High School transcripts will be used to determine the academic load for new freshmen. A student with at least a 2.50 GPA will be allowed to register for 18 credit hours.
  3. Only students who have at least a 3.30 GPA from the previous semester will be allowed to register for 21 credit hours. We do not want our students to become so interested in the “credit” that they fail to learn what we feel will be vital for future ministry.

Transcript of Records

West Coast Baptist College sends transcripts only to those students who have paid their account in full. To receive a transcript, a student needs only to fill out a Transcript Request Form from the Academic Dean’s office. The cost to receive your transcripts is $10.

General Guidelines

The purpose of West Coast Baptist College is to glorify God by providing not only an educational environment, but also a spiritual environment for developing servant-leaders in the 21st century. Therefore, while a student is enrolled at West Coast Baptist College, he is required to maintain strong separation from worldliness. Every student must realize that he is a personal representative of the Lord Jesus Christ, Lancaster Baptist Church, and West Coast Baptist College. Our mission is to teach and to train students to live by the principles of God’s Word and to serve in local churches.

Graduation Requirements

The faculty must approve all baccalaureate candidates. The following guidelines
have been established to be considered for graduation:

  • Each candidate must have displayed consistent Christian character and conduct.
  • Each candidate must have a minimum grade point average of 2.0.
  • All financial obligations must be satisfied before a degree will be awarded.
  • Men must complete both a written theological examination and an oral examination.
  • Graduates must complete at least 30 hours in residence at West Coast Baptist College.
  • Graduates must have completed at least 128 semester hours.
  • Finally, graduates must complete the Petition for Graduation Form in the Registrar’s office.

Christian Service Requirements

The college offers many opportunities for developing spiritual leadership. West Coast Baptist College emphasizes the importance of the local church. Each semester, every student is required to participate in the local church of his membership in 45 hours of Christian service. This includes the soulwinning program. All students must serve in one ministry aspect on Saturday or Sunday.

Dr. Paul Chappell has had, and continues to have, a great vision for Lancaster Baptist Church; therefore, there are numerous ministry opportunities such as: Adult Bible classes, Baptist Boy’s Club, bereavement, discipleship, Joy Club, Kiddie Church, Saturday Bible School, Youth Ministry, and personal soulwinning. The staff and student body will knock on thousands of doors each week, seeking to win people to Jesus Christ. We will then fulfill the Great Commission by aggressively getting our converts to church, baptized, discipled, and faithful to the Lord and to His house.