WCBC Student Witnessing

Purpose & Mission


We exist to develop leaders with a heart for God who are committed to the Word, compassionate toward the lost, and compelled to change communities for Christ.

Mission Objectives

The mission of West Coast Baptist College is to provide a balanced Christian education, which will fully equip born-again people with Bible doctrine that is distinctively Baptistic, and also to provide practical hands-on training through the local church, which will prepare each individual to effectively reach and impact the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Instruction of West Coast Baptist College

  1. To give each student a working knowledge of the Bible
  2. To give each student tools for his continued study of the Bible after he leaves WCBC
  3. To provide a balance of teaching absolute truth and showing how to apply it to our present day
  4. To enrich each student with our Baptist heritage and to apply its history to the present so we do not repeat its mistakes, but do repeat its successes in the future
  5. To impart knowledge of Bible doctrine, so that each student can build convictions and develop Christian character
  6. To give a valid foundation of general studies to help each student meet the challenges of our day
  7. To increase each student's desire to walk with God and apply God's wisdom to his life

The Internalization of West Coast Baptist College

  1. To provide an environment which will develop a balanced life intellectually, socially, and spiritually
  2. To teach each student to take the truth he learns in the classroom and to apply it through service in the local church
  3. To require every student to receive hands-on training in weekly Christian service
  4. To help each student develop a servant's heart and a willingness to do whatever the Lord or those in leadership require and desire
  5. To encourage each student to internalize Christian values so the outcome is a life of faith, prayer, sound character and judgment, and a spirit-controlled life seeking to be conformed to the image of Christ
  6. To teach each student how to apply his training to life situations, enabling him to resort to the Word of God and his practical-training experience for help
  7. To send each student out to serve God with the right balance of Bible doctrine and practical methods, discerning right doctrine through right methods, and never compromising doctrine for results

The Impact of West Coast Baptist College

  1. To send graduates out into full-time Christian service in local Baptist churches
  2. To produce a harvest of Baptist pastors, missionaries, teachers, church ministers, and evangelists to replenish the depleted numbers of Christian workers today
  3. To plant local New Testament Baptist churches throughout the West and around the world
  4. To send forth Baptist missionaries to foreign fields to pioneer new works
  5. To send out servants whose hearts are stirred to win souls to Christ and to disciple their converts
  6. To impact whole regions, both in America and abroad
  7. To preserve the work of the local New Testament church for the next generation